Countering APA Mythology: A Response to Christopher Kilmartin at The Good Men Project Magazine

I think this presents a unique opportunity. First, it is good to see the people of SPSMM reach outside their insulated academic enclave and take their ideology into forums where disparate views are allowed and encouraged. I also note that while I do not agree with some of the material presented in The Good Men Project Magazine, I am encouraged that its management is clearly not interested in an editorial orthodoxy and is willing to showcase a badly needed discussion directly in view of the public.

Men and Violence: Blaming the Blameless

If we want to reengineer men to be less violent, then perhaps their role as congenitally selected bodyguards is the first thing that needs to come into question. Perhaps we should confront men about their universally common knee jerk reaction to protect others in distress, even if violence is required. And perhaps we should confront women for selecting men with such capabilities.

Men’s Studies: The Complete Freak Show

Paying attention to the issues of homosexuals and the transgendered has its place in modern culture, but to use that agenda to play a part in hoodwinking people into believing you are addressing the lives of men in general demonstrates a deficit in integrity and a pathological drive to ensure the problems of the great majority of men and boys are either ignored or exacerbated, or both.