David Futrelle- Covered in Pin Feathers and Clucking

I know, I know, the guy is kinda like a zit that won’t pop or respond to Clearasil. And I know that this quisling is supposed to be in the rear view mirror at this point, but he has raised his empty head for one last stab at mediocrity.

It seems now, after publicly agreeing to, and participating in a debate on domestic violence, he now wants all evidence he ever participated in said debate removed from this website. To wit, he just left the following in the comment section:


You do not have my permission to post my debate contributions on your site any longer. Since you do not have legal ownership of any of my writings, I expect you to take them down immediately.

I will put my debate contributions up on my own site. You will be free to link to them, of course, and say anything you want about them.

I wrote you about this before, and got no response. I expect a response this time.

By the way, this was the general tone of his emails whenever he had an issue with anything. Arrogant and demanding.

And of course I gave him my response in the comments. 🙂

Thing is, readers, this debate, which I invested considerable time and unparalleled talent in putting together, is now, in it’s complete form, my intellectual property.  As Manboobz voluntarily submitted writing is now inextricably tied to mine in the form of debate, removing one would essentially destroy the other.

That would represent a significant loss to me.

As you can see in the comments, if you are so inclined, I have offered Mr. Boobz an arrangement, fully detailed, for compensation that I think is very appropriate.

While he thinks it over, let it be known now that any blogger in the sphere, MRA or otherwise, has my permission to repost this debate in full on their blog or website. I would appreciate a link back to AVfM in consideration, but I am not requiring it if you are not so disposed.

I am changing the current headline on the debate to reflect Manboobz name in full, as this will help anyone find the debate who does a search on his name. May I be so bold as to request those that repost the debate to use the title I provided? I am also killing the links to his site in the debate.  As we pass this around, there is no point in boosting his search results back to his blog.



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