Josh Jasper's hate campaign and what to do about it

The progress of the Men’s Movement has not only been one of attracting more numbers to our ranks, but also a refinement of our understanding of the issues we face and the sources of our problems. As time passes there is more and more a recognition of the difficulties we face with other men, as opposed to just women and feminists.
Nowhere in recent times is this more evident than with Josh Jasper’s recent “anti-rape” video that has been making the rounds. With this one release Josh has scaled the scumbag ladder and is vying for top position. My view puts him two rungs ahead of Michael Kimmel, licking the heels of Joe Biden’s Ferragamo’s. I won’t bother with a detailed analysis of the video.

If the concept of res ipsa loquitor ever sufficed, this is it:

In response to this piece of misandric garbage, MRA Sound Guru Keyster has responded with vigor.

As succinct and devastating an indictment of Jasper’s “work” as Keyster has provided, I am not satisfied. I want more. This man deserves consequences for his actions. Some history on Josh is known. We know he was a marine and we also know that he was a Los Angeles police officer. Two areas for sure where the capacity for violence is a plus. Add to that the fact that he was on a Domestic Violence task force and this bad apple starts to stink a little more.
We know something else about him, too. When the going gets tough, he gets going…to his phone to call 911. After The Spearhead shined a little light on his misandric efforts, he is now alleging that he is getting death threats. I know this begs for a “poor baby” pun, but this fucker has me feeling anything but playful.
Anyway, my money is on the idea that he is just hamming it up for the media like a lying New York weathergirl who is crying rape, for attention that he ultimately hopes to translate into publicity for his company and the sympathy bucks that come with it.
But let’s set his whiney histrionics aside for the time being. Better not to be diverted from issues that may prove to be of real importance. Anyone want to take any bets on whether this alpha puke ever busted heads as a cop, simply because he could? It leaves one to wonder – especially given the intellectual violence he is so obviously willing to inflict on male children – just what sort of skeletons are in this douche bag’s closet.
If they are there, I would love to get my hands on them and rattle them together for the world to hear.
So, for any of you MRA’s living in or near The City of Angels, please consider a visit to the LAPD, and accompany yourself with the Freedom of Information Act. Or, even better, any of you that have access to a P.I., please consider his fee to dig up what is legitimately there on this man to be your lifelong donation to the MRM.
If there is dirt on this wannabe Silverback, and I think there likely is, it would benefit all of us to spread it everywhere in the universe it will stick- hopefully the first place that will happen would be on the face of his company.
What you come up with needs to be verifiable. I don’t want to commit a civil offense against him, no matter how deserving he is. But I pledge now to use every resource at my disposal to take any embarrassing, disgraceful detail of this misandric lowlifes life, and use it to cripple his ability to continue with this kind of evil. Please email any info you get rather than post it in the comments.

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