Radio Updates

Blast off with Dr. T in one hour

So tonight guys, let’s give her a little nitro to put in her tank by lighting those phone lines up. You can call in to talk about a pregnancy scam that was pulled on you, give your unbridled opinion on the subject, or just call in to say thank you to Dr. T for working so hard to help men learn how to ditch that bitch.

George Christensen on AVfM Radio

As a side note here, the addition of JtO as co-host of AVfM Radio has already upped the energy and intensity of the show. Reviews have come in that the show is getting better with each episode, largely due to Paul’s brilliant and auspicious call to add he-of-three-letters to the team.

Tuesday Night: SlutTalk Radio!

We will move on from there, though, with a very special guest who attended the most recent “SlutWalk” in Vancouver, British Columbia. This MRA took the grand tour, interviewing several of the self-proclaimed sluts, asking them questions about what the SlutWalk meant to them. He will join us live on the program to translate their answers from Slutese to English, which should be quite an education.