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Tuesday, June 14th at 8:00 pm CST,  JtO and Paul will be addressing feminism’s war against the family. This program comes off the heels of George Christensen’s blockbuster speech about the designs of gender feminists against families and the rights of men before the Australian Parliament.

We will explore the various ways that the feminists have kept their promises to undermine fathers and children, and how those efforts have not only resulted in broken families, but also in desperation, depression, suicide and murder.

Highlighting our show will be Paul’s interview with Mr. Christensen, conducted exclusively for listeners to A Voice for Men Radio. In it he reiterates much of what he said in the speech and offers additional insights to how feminist ideology is resulting in tyranny and destruction in Australian culture.

As a side note here, the addition of JtO as co-host of AVfM Radio has already upped the energy and intensity of the show. Reviews have come in that the show is getting better with each episode, largely due to Paul’s brilliant and auspicious call to add he-of-three-letters to the team. 😀

So tune in gents and ladies, come Tuesday you are going to be hearing A Voice for Men Radio step it up yet another level. We are already the show the fembots are afraid to call. By close of business Tuesday they are going to be too fucking scared to even listen.


[box type=”tick”]Go HERE to follow the show and be sure to call in on Tuesday to 310-388-9709[/box]

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