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For a brief time your internet radio host for A Voice for Men will go live on the airways of Australia.  Dads on the Air, the world’s longest running radio program on father’s issues, has invited me to appear as a guest on their program. It will begin airing live here in the U.S. at 9:00 p.m. EST. A link to the show archives will be posted here as well.

The primary purpose for the appearance is to promote A Voice for Men Radio, but I will also likely field questions on chivalry, marriage 2.0 and MGTOW.

It is a great opportunity for MRA’s and FRA’s to find common ground for discussion and I am really looking forward to the show.

Tomorrow night, of course, AVfM Radio raises its voice again, this time for part two of the campaign regarding the Vladek Filler rape case. This time I will be joined once Phil Cook  and by private investigator TJ Ward who has been on this case for two years.

In this program we are going to discuss efforts to encourage The Bar Harbor Prosecutors Office to drop their “no drop” rape case against Vladek Filler, which they are now preparing to prosecute a second time despite having no forensic evidence that a rape ever happened and despite gross misconduct on the part of prosecutor Mary Kellett.  It’s all activism tomorrow on the program folks, so please tune in to find out what you can do to further this case even more. We will be taking your calls at 310-388-9709.

The show on the 12th will also continue our focus on the Filler case with a return appearance of Lisa Scott of TAABS and Robert Franklin of Fathers and Families.

And for a special show note: Friday the 15th of April marks the 99th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. On Thursday the 14th of April, 2011, we are going to a special episode of A Voice for Men Radio – The Chivalry Edition.  In it, we are going to take a look at the historic sinking on that ship, and in a way most decidedly not ready for prime time.  This will be a Futrelle Field Day, folks, with enough offense to make any good day just a little bit better.

And finally we have a note here from show producer Keyster, regarding the periodic technical difficulties we have with skype callers to the show.

In an effort the make the Voice for Men Radio show as enjoyable as possible for everyone I’d like offer some suggestions for those of you calling in via Skype.

1) You cannot call into the show, speak into a mic and have your computer speakers on at the same time.  When you call in and speak though your mic the sound coming through your nearby computer speakers is also being picked up by the mic causing distortion, loop echo and doubling needed bandwidth.

Solution: Either purchase a Skype phone or a computer headset or head phones, but do not use your speakers.

2) Some have called in and their voice would break up.  This is a legacy Windows XP/wireless router problem called the Wireless Zero Configuration Service.  Windows XP pauses every few seconds to find a faster connection, killing the connection intermitently in the process.

Solution: Start–>Control Panel–>Admin Tools–>Services–>Wireless Zero Config Properties–>General–>Services statu–>STOP–>Apply.

OR for you unintimidated geek types edit Registry as follows:

Go to Run
type Regedit
Press OK
Add this key:
WZC-Killer REG_SZ “c:windowssystem32net.exe” stop WZCSVC

If you are not using XP but still have the problem then it’s your Linksys WRT54G router and you need to update its firmware:  http://www.linksysin…viewtopic&t=847

Also, AVfM Radio needs a second producer to help give Keyster a needed break at times. The duty is simple, to answer the phone and screen callers for the show. If anyone is interested in helping out on an occasional basis, please contact Paul.




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