Tuesday Night: SlutTalk Radio!

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We will begin our next A Voice for Men Radio show with an update on the Vladek Filler case; a review of the surrounding media coverage and Mary Kellett’s bizarre attempt to get a judge in Maine to order everyone on the entire planet not to discuss it.

We will move on from there, though, with a very special guest who attended the most recent “SlutWalk” in Vancouver, British Columbia.  This MRA took the grand tour, interviewing several of the self-proclaimed sluts, asking them questions about what the SlutWalk meant to them.  He will join us live on the program to translate their answers from Slutese to English, which should be quite an education.

There has been a lot of speculation about the real nature of the SlutWalks. I have heard every possible interpretation from social event to fashion statement to a Special Olympics parade for the facially and BMI challenged. Then, of course, there is the reasons given by the promoters, which is to insist that the world stop thinking that women can play a role in their own personal safety.

Not so sure about that last one.

Anyway, if you have your own ideas about the SlutWalks and what they mean, and I am sure you do, just call in to the show (or skype in if you are a registered listener) and let us hear what’s on your mind.

Of course slutologists, amateur or professional, are welcome to give their opinions as well. We are all about inclusion here.



Show Date: Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Time: 9:00 p.m. EST

Call in number: 1 (310) 388-9709



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