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I am happy to announce that after several weeks off due to illness and death in the family that AVfM Radio will be back on its regular broadcast schedule this Tuesday, May 10th at 9 :00 p.m. EST.

This also gives me another opportunity to thank everyone for their most appreciated support offered to Stacey and myself during the passing of her father, as well as thanks for your patience as I took the time off to attend to family matters.

We are bringing the show back with a bang. Firecracker relationship coach Dr. Tara Palmatier will be returning to the show in this episode, entitled “Crazy-Proofing Your Life.”

We have all come to appreciate Dr. T’s straightforward, no nonsense approach to arming men where it concerns the destructive force that crazy women can bring to their lives.  And now you will get another chance to speak with her live, on the show.  So be sure to tune in, call in, and raise your voice on this important subject.  Here is the show description, in her own words, from Dr. T’s site,  A Shrink 4 Men:

This program’s topic will be “Crazy-Proofing your Romantic Life (and Life in General).” Crazy, entitled, predatory bullies can be found just about anywhere—your marriage, your family, your office, your church, the PTA, your softball league, etc., etc. Therefore, knowing how to spot these types and how to deal with them if you can’t avoid them or go completely No Contact is essential.

I’ll  be touching on some of the information from How to Crazy-Proof Yourself After Breaking Up with or Divorcing an Abusive Girlfriend or Wife, Part 1 and additional material. Like last time, we’ll be taking both male and female callers, so if you have questions or a story you’d like to share, please call or Skype in on show night.



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