Blast off with Dr. T in one hour

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In just about 90 minutes now we go live with another episode of A Voice for Men Radio.

Tonight, Dr. T again brings her insights to the show, discussing the multi-faceted problem of reproductive coercion from morally challenged women in this culture. It is a problem that comes in many forms, from literal sperm thieves, to one of the most common lies women tell about pregnancy, “It’s your baby,” to the simple act of a woman lying about being on birth control, we are going to discuss all of them.

As usual, you are invited into to the discussion. And this time, even more than others, we would like to hear from you.

Dr. T has been supporting men in this culture for quite some time now, helping them deal with the psycho-destroyers that their wives and girlfriends have become.

We have been using AVfM Radio, almost since we started, to help push Dr. T’s important message.  And we are rapidly approaching the time when Dr. T will launch her own show under the AVfM label.

So tonight guys, let’s give her a little nitro to put in her tank by lighting those phone lines up. You can call in to talk about a pregnancy scam that was pulled on you, give your unbridled opinion on the subject, or just call in to say thank you to Dr. T for  working so hard to help men learn how to ditch that bitch.


[box type=”tick”]The call in number is 1 (310) 388-9709. The show starts at 8:00 CST tonight, You register here to follow the program.[/box]

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