Robert Brockway

Robert is concerned for the welfare of men and boys in modern society. In particular he is concerned about the effects of widespread misandry in society and gender biases in addressing domestic violence and intimate partner violence. He advocates for men's rights for the next generation of men and women. Robert is the president of the Australian Men's Rights Association Inc and is the owner and publisher of A Voice for Men.

Waking to woke

Woke is a widely-used adjective and is generally understood to involve supporting or believing in various notions that are widely accepted among social justice warriors. People who consider themselves woke generally: Consider themselves to be left-wing Support identity politics Support feminism Believe in rape culture Believe in male privilege Believe that street harassment is a …

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The Absurdity of Patriarchy

The notion of The Patriarchy espoused by feminists has gone from being a radical fringe view to being mainstream not only among feminists but the wider community. The definition of patriarchy used by feminists differs from that used by anthropologists, sociologists and other researchers as well as differing from the common dictionary definition. These two …

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