Doug Mortimer

Going rogue with Royko

The wisecracking, street-smart newspaperman was something of a stock character in old movies (notably The Front Page in 1931).  Such movies often portrayed aggressive, ambitious reporters competing against one another for stories while working for morally-challenged editors and publishers seeking to boost circulation by any means necessary. For the most part, journalism was a rough-and-tumble …

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A 1975 Deep Dive

The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald was immortalized in a song, reminiscent of an old sea shanty, written and performed by Canadian folk singer Gordon Lightfoot.  He based his song on “The Cruelest Month,” an article in Newsweek magazine that appeared soon after the  November 10, 1975 disaster, and recorded the song in December.  A …

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Alive! See A man Shrinking Before Your Very Eyes

Long before CGI, humans being menaced by giant creatures they had previously dwarfed had great cinematic allure.  In particular, the 1950’s were rife with science fiction films involving tiny creatures grown gigantic.  To wit:   YEAR             CREATURE(S)              TITLE 1954                 Ant                               Them! 1956                 Tarantula                       Tarantula 1957                 Scorpion                       The Black Scorpion 1957                 Grasshopper                 Beginning of …

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