Victorian men: it’s time to change your behaviour

The Premier of the Australian state of Victoria, Jacinta Allan has recently created the position of parliamentary secretary for men’s behaviour change. This role is being described as the first of its kind in Australia but may be unique in the world. News of this has spread around the world and embarrassed many in Australia.

Still, it proves my point about Melbourne (the capital of Victoria) being one of the most woke cities in the world. There’s a reason the 2018 March for Men was held in Melbourne.

Men of Victoria, your state government has spoken. They want to change your behaviour. I suggest that Victorian men should make one specific behavioural change – they should leave the state and never return.

Come to sunny Queensland. It’s not perfect, and we still struggle with wokies, but it’s a lot better than the woke hell hole that Victoria has become.

For those less familiar with the land Down Under, Queensland has often been described as the Florida of Australia. This is true both in terms of the weather and lifestyle but also insofar as Queenslanders have tended to buy in to woke somewhat less than most other Aussies.

If Queensland isn’t to your taste there are plenty of other places to live in this wide brown land. The main things is – get out of Victoria. Show the Victorian government that if they will treat you with contempt you can do the same to them.

Australia has been described as having a man drought. This is a term used in Australia to describe a situation in which there are significantly fewer men than women. Naturally discussions of the man drought in Australia are usually centred around women being unable to find suitable husbands.

The man drought is already more pronounced in Victoria than in other parts of the country. Scientists tell us that Australia may be at risk of a mega drought. Let’s see if we can give Victoria a mega man drought.

Men of Victoria, I call on you to abandon the misandric state you live in. Move to Queensland, move to other parts of Australia, move to New Zealand, move to other countries. Whatever you choose to do, it’s time to get moving and leave Victoria behind.

A Voice for Men is starting a new campaign in which we will continue to encourage men to leave Victoria as long as the state continues to have a parliamentary secretary for men’s behaviour change.

The featured image depicts a typical scene at a Melbourne cafe and is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Cafe culture is now prevalent around Australia so Victorian men that relocate won’t have to miss out on a good espresso.

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