Phil in Utah

How to help a man die well

Death is never an easy thing to deal with, especially when it happens to a loved one. When his grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer Phil in Utah took on the responsibility of caring for him in his final days. Here Phil describes his experience and gives us advice how to help another person who is passing. Empathy works wonders for people, and it is something that we must all embrace, male or female. [Illustration by Europa Phoenix.]

If you really want to help us…

Feminists have begun to change their narrative of late. Seeing all their hateful rhetoric and lies put on display has made them change course and now they are on a campaign to convince all of us that they are the ones really working on men’s issues. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Anita Sarkeesian and the feminist war on facts

It looks like it is a weekend of Anita Sarkeesian at A Voice for Men. Don’t everybody jump for joy at once. We only have so much exuberance to use at a time. Our friend Phil in Utah isn’t exactly dancing either, but he still has the energy to point out a couple of things about Sarkeesian that she would not allow you to say if she had a choice.


Patriarchy has become the go to boogy-man for feminist ideologues, being blamed for everything from imaginary wage gaps to imaginary rape culture. Question is, is their idea of patriarchy just as fake as the problems they imagine it creates? Phil in Utah weighs in.