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To hear feminists talk, you’d think we were the worst people in the world.  They, like most leftists have a collection of words that they just iiiiiitch to throw at their political enemies, for absolutely no reason other than to demonize them.  The Southern Poverty Law Center have become veritable experts at this practice.

Most of the labels that they throw at us are easily refuted simply by pointing out what different demographics the contributors to this site belong to:

We’re misogynistic?  Thanks for telling us; try informing the women here how much they secretly hate themselves.  We’re racist, too?  Ask the men of color here if they feel unwelcome.  What’s that, we’re homophobic as well?  I guess the gay and bisexual men who write and comment here, including myself, never caught onto how unpopular we are in this place.  Silly us!

Then, there’s the worst one of all: we’re violent.  To support this claim, they cite such extremists as George Sodini and Anders Behring-Breivik.  Violence is perpetrated by members of every group, so our mere membership in any of those groups isn’t an automatic refutation of this claim.  However, a summary of our basic beliefs, when examined to any degree, is.  Observe:

We want an end to forced military conscription of American males.

Every year, thousands of male American teenagers turn 18, and are forced, by law, to register for the draft, even if they have a crippling mental or physical disability.  If they don’t do this, they will not be able to get a job, go to college, or get Social Security benefits.  In rare cases, they will be punished with a $250,000 fine and/or five years in prison.  War is not an instrument of men, it is an instrument of politicians.  Many world leaders, male and female, have used war as a means to advance their objectives or increase their power base; Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Elizabeth I, and Boudica are just a few examples.  Our sons are sent out against their will to fight and kill the sons of foreigners, who were also sent out against their will.

We want an end to false rape accusations.

False rape accusations can destroy a man’s life faster than anything short of a gun, knife, or blunt object.  If acquitted, he will still be hounded for the rest of his life.  If convicted, he will be sent to prison, where he himself will inevitably be raped when the other prisoners find out what he’s in for.  Within prison culture, the most respected people are murderers, so he will probably kill another prisoner just to end his own torment.  We want this to stop.

We want an end to the atrocities committed by corrupt Family and Divorce Courts.

In the movie Falling Down, Michael Douglas plays a man who has just lost his job.  In the middle of a traffic jam in the blazing Los Angeles heat, he makes his way home on foot for his daughter’s birthday.  His wife has filed a restraining order against him, saying that she feared his violence.  Oddly enough, the police officer who questions her about the incident learns that he has never hit her or their daughter, he has never been arrested for a violent crime, and he never drinks.  All she had to do to get the restraining order was say that she feared him.  In a cruel twist of fate, he goes on a violent rampage, trying to right societal wrongs as he makes his way home; it was her filing of the restraining order that brought out the violent side of a man who had nothing to lose.

We encourage men to stop seeking the approval of women.

Many men are willing to put themselves in harm’s way for a woman’s approval.  This includes committing acts of violence against other men.  Women constantly encourage men to commit violence for them, whether it be killing a spider, beating up an unfaithful lover or an alleged rapist, or censoring men who dare to disagree with them.  Sometimes, women don’t even need to say anything; they simply act to defend a woman automatically and without question.  In some circles, this is known as chivalry.  In a few others, this is known as violence by proxy.

We encourage women to use their own financial means to support themselves.

A man’s desire to support his offspring and their mother is biologically ingrained, and surpasses many other instincts, including his restraint from violence.  Indeed, countless men throughout history have taken up violent professions in order to support women.  If men need only support themselves, the demand for money will be much smaller, and men will be less inclined to use violence.

As mentioned above, feminists are in the habit of citing Anders Behring-Breivik as proof that MRAs are violent.  While it is true that Breivik was unfriendly to feminism, he was no MRA, since he was pushing for a restoration of what he called “traditional Norwegian culture”, with men working to support women staying at home.

We demand an immediate end to domestic violence against men.

Photographs circulate constantly of women with bruised faces, with the implication that it was a man who was responsible.  What is rarely asked, though, is what happened before the incident?  Usually, the woman hits first, and she doesn’t hit just once.  She hit her husband or boyfriend repeatedly, and he grew tired of it and hit her once, just to get her to stop.  Unfortunately, the evidence of this is often in women’s favor, since women bruise far more easily than women.  Yes, there are violent, abusive nutcases of men out there, but they are nowhere near as common as PSAs would have us believe.  Overall, ending domestic violence falls on the shoulders of violent women.

We demand an end to chivalry justice.

In the decades before women’s suffrage, there was an epidemic in the United States of men being murdered by women, and women being acquitted, particularly in Chicago.  All it took was a little flash of thigh, a few half-hearted apologies, and a thimbleful of tears.  The appointment of female judges has curbed this trend somewhat, but it’s still going on.  Within very recent memory, we saw two blatant cases: Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox.  I hardly find it coincidental that female violence is at an all-time high, and shows no signs of slowing.


Our society is in a very sick, sad, and sorry state.  We have found the problems, and have offered a simple solution: stop enabling violence, and punish perpetrators of violence.  This is quite different from the feminist policy of Defend perpetrators of violence if they have vaginas, and punish those with penises for violence, whether they are guilty of it or not.  Do I even have to point out how this will worsen the problem of violence in both sexes?

Ours is not a violent movement.  It is fundamentally an ANTI-violence movement.

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