Jason Gregory

Naomi’s sweet honey-hole

Sometimes, men need to regain some perspective – back away from the fray, take some deep breaths, and re-center themselves around that one thing that matters most in all the universe – the vagina. The galactic spiral of cosmic creation positively drips with reverence for the goddess-mummy-lover, and a worthy Jason Gregory seeks to kiss the ring of power in all its divine, scientific glory-holiness. May the limp dicks abide forever. [Lines by Europa; Spot colour by Typhonblue]

Marriage is obsolete. Are women?

It’s a common cultural stereotype to say that men are “good for nothing.” But after all the things men have given to civilization, and looking around at the current cultural zeitgeist, Jason Gregory dares to flip the question around. What is it that you, as a woman, are good for exactly? And if that question makes you angry, it may just mean you don’t have a good answer. [Illustration by Europa Phoenix]

Panthers only: others need not apply

A “Jaguar” is supposed to be an older woman who is independent, stands on her own, and expects nothing from men except a good time and maybe an equal partnership. Do you think you find many of those for real at places like Jezebel, or just self-entitled bitches who pretend to be like that?[Illustration by Europa Phoenix]

Objects of utility vs. objects of sexuality

Prostitution: exploitation and domination of women? Or exploitation and subjugation of men? Or simply an honest transaction? Beyond all that debate, though, new AVfM contributor Jason Gregory notes, that until we bring men and their experience of being used as disposable utilities by women that we can even address such questions effectively.