Conservative Misandry

The Victorian “angel in the house” is still alive and well in today’s world and nowhere does this appear to be more true than in the churches today. Never pausing for a brief moment to consider that the cherished idea of chivalry and men as soldiers allows women to live in a civilized world with special perks, the declaration of women as the more civilized & moral sex is shouted from many a pulpit today.

Chivalry Gone Awry

An interesting conversation has been taking place on Dalrock’s blog recently on the topic of chivalry, which sex provides more selfless help, and what words should be used to highlight the difference in help between men and women. Chivalry has been the word proposed and the word used but for a variety of reasons I …

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Shrugging Misandry

In a world where men and boys are facing an ever increasing challenge to simply remain free and stay fed, the world around them is obsessed with incredulously vapid and trivial female minutia, and imagining there is a plot within it all that is targeted directly at reducing them to insignificance. Through that kind of hypervigilant perspective comes even more of our difficulties with the mainstream.

Bashing Women in the Name of a Better World

The result? There is literally no such thing as a fair critique anything that has to do with the sexes. And especially where discussing the dark feminine is concerned. The feminists regard it as misogyny and the chivalrists regard it being less than a real man. Their language, shaming tactics included, has become indistinguishable.