The End of Men

As to contempt for traditional masculinity, I have none. I don’t even know that anyone can tell me what it means (though many try). I’ll save my contempt for stupidity and chosen blindness. Let the “patriarch’s” of the word have their folly. It matters not to me. I will be busy surviving as they march themselves and their unfortunate progeny into the grinding halls of family justice. We’ll call it intellectual culling, and the world will be better for it.

Feminism’s Victim Complex- and Consequences

The zeta male however is not playing that game, understanding as he does, that while he’s expected to assume that risk and damage, the side of the social contract compensating him and valuing him as a man is no longer operative. The zeta male’s identity is one developing around conscious evaluation of behavior’s risk and reward, and disparaging of traditional social control through shame or prestige.

Legally Obscene III

A man’s sperm is a necessary component of reproduction. It is impossible to reproduce without it. Therefore ownership and control of a man’s sperm must remain with the man. Anytime a woman obtains and uses a man’s sperm to impregnate herself without his consent, it must be considered theft.