By Paul Elam

This article begins with a blog post I came across in October over at Oz Conservative. OzCon’s views fit well with his blog name. He’s definitely right of center, with a clear antifeminist slant and an ostensibly supportive view of the men’s movement- at least his men’s movement.

But in this article, he asks in the title, “What’s Wrong with the Men’s Rights Movement?” And in that piece he takes some very specific shots at our problems as he sees them, which mainly boil down to the fact that not enough of us are patriarchs.  His rationale for this is simple and plainly stated. There are essentially two factions of the MRM, liberals and sexual separatists, and that we have formed an alliance that few men will embrace because, like feminists, we are anti marriage and hypercritical of traditional masculinity.

He even feels we are more a compliment to feminists ideologically than would appear on the surface.

I am going to come back to all this, but I must first sidetrack to a recently released video by Hanna Rosin, in her continuing diatribe about “The End of Man.”

The rest of this article will be written with the assumption you have carefully viewed all of it.

Both Rosin and OzCon get a lot of things wrong. Truth tell though, Rosin, despite all her drivel, from females being more intelligent and focused than males, to her thoroughly muddled and inconclusive rambling on why men are falling behind, gets a lot more right than OzCon- at least where it counts.

So rather than hack away at this keyboard, pointlessly dissecting either of their fallacies, it is more advantageous and informative to point to what Rosin gets right. Because what she gets right is a very apt description of the precipice edge on which every man and boy in modern western culture now teeters.

We are in the process now of being marginalized into a servile shadow existence by women.  We can attribute this, as Rosin does, to a changing economy, or we can look at the forces of consumerism that are more likely behind the social metamorphosis, with feminism stoking the fires along the way.  We can pick most any reason we want. In the end, it doesn’t matter. Rosin is right, men are on their way out- and there is nothing that is going to stop it.

As we have beaten into the ground around here lately, men are falling father behind women at an exponentially increasing rate.

If you have any doubt, consider the following; the areas where Rosin hit her target. Young women now out earn young men, the majority of the workforce is female, and the gap will increase. Women are dominating managerial positions, and the gap will increase.  Men’s presence and performance in education, from grammar school to grad school, is plummeting and shows every sign of worsening in the future.  Women are rapidly becoming the majority of single home owners and will exceed men drastically in the future in almost all growth professions, and especially in jobs that are financially lucrative.

Meanwhile men will face low paying jobs and rampant unemployment. It is estimated that when the current bad economy recovers, 18 million men ages 25 to 54 will be unemployed and unemployable. And that is not even considering the millions that will be employed at below sustenance levels in dreg jobs across the western landscape.

We have an educational establishment intractably dominated by anti male ideology, a law enforcement/judicial apparatus that has become an incarceration machine for men, and every bit of public sentiment needed to take all of this much further than it has already gone.

All this is happening in a culture that will continue to place the social onus on men to use their earnings and their blood to enhance the lives of women. Where social pressures fail, state functionaries will take up the slack.

This is the end of men, at least as we have known them to be in our lifetimes.  I am not suggesting that we follow Rosin’s advice to just ‘drink the kool-aid,’ and comply, to make the transition less painful. Just the opposite. But if we are to pursue any rational course of action we better accept that we are on an irrevocable path to female domination, and male subjugation. The only thing that will stop it at this point is a catastrophic event that leads to anarchy.

They say there are no atheists in foxholes. Well, there aren’t any feminists either.

By the way, if you think subjugation is too strong a term, try hopping on a woman only train car in India and see what happens. Perhaps if you live through it you can tell us all about it. Or better yet, just have enough sex with enough women till one of them gets you thrown behind bars.

OzCon would likely have us believe that this makes the case for traditional marriage.  But given the state of marriage and family law, that is a delusion of such magnitude that it would register on the Richter scale.

The decision to marry is a personal one. It’s a man’s choice and a man’s folly. But I’ll have no truck with any man that would teach our boys and young men that marriage and the caretaking of women is what makes him a real man. It is the woefully misguided and pathogenic pipe dream of men who invest more in their idealizations than they do in common sense; who in fact invest more in securing their genetic legacy than they do their own children’s well being.

And it doesn’t begin and end with marriage.  In fact, we don’t need a marriage strike, per se, at all. Women will out prosper men in every way, but they will always be hypergamous. The future will bring us nothing but a vast majority of women who thug-fuck for reproductive reasons, while manipulating and/or coercing Omega and Beta lapdogs for supplemental income. Most of the rest will compete with each other ever more viciously for the steadily dwindling numbers of men that can support them in ways they cannot on their own.

The other two are already married.  I hope that OzCon is one of the guys with bragging rights.

In the end, though, there is little room for marriage in the future. It is toast– even if you have your nose too far up Ward Cleaver’s fetid, decomposing ass to smell it burning.

What we need, assuming there is a “we,” is a chivalry strike, which is to say a total abdication and rejection of any responsibilities to women, individually, and as a group. It is, after all, fitting in a world where women have no responsibilities whatsoever toward anyone but themselves.

As to contempt for traditional masculinity, I have none. I don’t even know that anyone can tell me what it means (though many try). I’ll save my contempt for stupidity and chosen blindness. Let the “patriarch’s” of the world have their foolish ways. It matters not to me. I will be busy surviving as they march themselves and their unfortunate progeny into the grinding halls of family justice. We’ll call it intellectual culling, and the world will be better for it.

This is not an activist’s call to action, at least not collectively. There is no petition to sign, no club to join, and not many would heed the call if there was.  Most men, especially traditionalists, will do what men have done in the face of gender feminism for half a century now; that is, follow their instincts to please women and wait for Hannah Rosin to tell them what to think about their own lives, how to live them, and what their place is.

As an individual though, I feel compelled to do something more than just take care of me.  I have seen noticed in the analytics for my YouTube Channel that there are a small, but not insignificant number of young people, mostly male, who watch my videos. I get email from teenagers who read this site from time to time.

I have never considered fully what to say to them. But the times they are a changing.

I have started a list of titles for open letters to write to these young men. I think geared for 12 year olds and up seems appropriate. I want to spend some of my time writing these letters and developing ways to ensure distribution of them. Maybe I will even launch a new website for the effort.

There is a really rough road ahead for these unfortunates, and hardly anyone around to tell them about it. And maybe I could actually help a couple of them avoid a bad end.

Life delivers no promises, but I can always hope.

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