Happy Thanksgiving

Well, once again it is time for American’s to overeat, imbibe, watch football, tolerate obnoxious relatives, and take a moment to reflect on something, anything, to be grateful for.

Not bad as far as holidays go.  I mean, it beats shopping yourself below the poverty line just to feed the corporate gods – and to feel adequate, but maybe not as good as fireworks displays and ribs on the grill.  Your call, but I kinda like Thanksgiving, and I extend the grateful sentiments to my friends in Canada, England, Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere across the globe.

Worldwide friendships, courtesy of the MRM. Now that is something to be grateful for.

I count the people in this movement, people who regularly remind me I am not crazy, or a whiner, or hateful or to be ashamed, as being among the many things I am grateful for; certainly not the least of them either.  You are my buffer against a world that would prefer I was self loathing, for being an MRA, and for being a man.

Here’s to the MRM, and to the readers and writers of AVfM.  May you all find something to be grateful for, and hang on to it with all you have.

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