Feminist Governance

Breaking Bad: The Male as Designated Criminal

While presumptive guilt in accusations of male-on-female rape is wrestled over by activists and lawmakers, another point is missed, and that’s the point that the construct within western society of the rule of law based in the principle of justice is no longer operative in reality. The rule of law still operates of course, but it has become the rule of private law, where criminal and civil laws are applied differentially depending on social class.

What does feminism want to be when it grows up?

The woman holding the sign in the picture is protesting on behalf of N.O.W., who is suing the Hooters restaurant chain in San Francisco claiming that the use of waitresses in camel toe cut offs and t-shirts constitutes the illegal provision of “adult entertainment.” They’ve added a lot of save the children rhetoric to the …

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Man thrown from moving train by police for boarding women’s car

It is clear, beyond any conceivable notion of error, that this incident is a result of a culture of government sanctioned, no, promoted, violence against men in India. I will summarily dismiss, in advance, any notion that this was just an isolated incident and not sparked by the pervasive mentality of government authorities that men are legitimate targets for unjustified abuse on the supposed behalf of women.