What does feminism want to be when it grows up?

The woman holding the sign in the picture is protesting on behalf of N.O.W., who is suing the Hooters restaurant chain in San Francisco claiming that the use of waitresses in camel toe cut offs and t-shirts constitutes the illegal provision of “adult entertainment.” They’ve added a lot of save the children rhetoric to the PR end of the lawsuit.

Save the children from scantily clad women? Are you kidding me? Is this really N.O.W., or is it Families First? Maybe it’s some deranged splinter group of the Moral Majority fronting the ugliest of their womenfolk as feminists.


At any rate, this can’t be modern feminism. They buried the rest of the second wavers with Dworkin’s fat, undoubtedly pockmarked ass, right? The third wave is here, right in our depraved male faces. But you would not know it from their silence about this story.

Where is the outrage of the super sluts, whose idea of feminist empowerment is picking up folded dollar bills from a dirty dance floor using their cracks of their asses?

That picture, though, is a hoot, if you’ll pardon the pun. It’s proof positive that in the wild and wacky world of modern western culture, being butt ugly and bitter about it is still grounds for litigation. Wanna bet the area directly behind that sign is as hooterless as the facially challenged nut cases at N.O.W. would like all women to be?

Personally, I won’t eat at Hooters because they assume I am stupid enough to pay too much for chicken wings because they are served up by some bimbo in a tight t-shirt.  But I never thought of calling a lawyer over it.

Seriously though (at least as serious as one can be about this kind of law suit), what does feminism want to be when it grows up?

Right now, there seems to be a split between women that want to fellate their way to financial mediocrity while the world says, “You go, grrl,” and the desperate last members of the old guard, who were at least smart enough to see that ridiculing and politically pussy whipping men in power was a lot more profitable.

Could there be conflicts in their future, or are they just enjoying the way that mixed messages have always kept a world trying to please them off balance?

Whatever the answer is, I have something to say to Ma Kettle holding the sign: You are half right.  You are not a decoration. However, the women to your right, are.

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