The Trouble Box

In the American “justice system” the accused frequently find themselves offered a “plea bargain”–plead guilty to a lesser crime, in exchange for a lighter sentence. The deal often sounds good at the time. Until you realize the price will include interest over time that you can never repay.


Paul Elam takes a look at all the recent media buzz on the MHRM and this website. He comes to some conclusions that may or may not come as a surprise to regular readers. AVFM wants you to chip in with your comments and thoughts on the counterculture.

Black man’s burden: myth of the deadbeat

You’ve heard the rumors, for they are everywhere, and although unproven, they still resonate as “facts” throughout much of American society. The untruth that Black men don’t want to care for their children has become a staple in American folklore. Even sadder is the fact that these rumors are not only postulated by the numerically dominant white majority of this country, but are actually created, maintained and reinforced by the Black community itself.

Men’s suicidal life

The American Broadcasting Company is broadcasting a show on A Voice for Men and Paul Elam this week on its venerable and venerated show, 20/20. To welcome 20/20’s readers, we will be reprinting some of the very best material ever to appear on A Voice for Men, to help those new to the Men’s Human Rights Movement really understand where we are coming from. We start with a classic video from CyberSaint.