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Jared White

I started my life as half of a stereotype. My parents divorced a few months before I was born so according to just about every sitcom and movie of the nineties, I was destined to be one of those men whose “father was never there.” Destined to be one of the stoic and immature man-children …

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Lucian Vâlsan

Having been born and raised in an Eastern European country, I’ve seen a lot of ugly stuff and I’ve seen what many have only read about in biased books. I come from a family where longevity is rather the norm. I’ve personally met one of my great-grandfathers, two great-grandmothers and both my maternal and paternal …

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Paul Elam

Being born in the mid 50?s, I grew up in a much different world than we live in today. My father was career military, serving faithfully through two wars and bearing the scars to prove it. My mother served as well, being an army wife and raising three boys. She earned a masters degree with …

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