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jtoI grew up in the 1970s, when feminism’s second wave was cresting. Predictably, I absorbed and internalized the public messaging of the mainstream. I also absorbed a major fraction of my value system from an earlier generation, having had access to the library of my grandfather, who along with my grandmother, were among the last of the real Victorians. I knew, without being conscious of it that women were better human beings, and that my sexual identity was corrupt, unless it was bent to the service and protection of women.

During my childhood and adolescence, without understanding the deeper social forces at play, I witnessed the dissolution of almost every marriage of my parents and other relatives, but did not fail to notice that the men seemed always come out badly damaged, while the former wives seemed to skate away mostly unscathed, and retaining most of the familial assets they’d shared during their relationships. This pattern was so monotonous and one sided, I never found the prospect of marriage to be even slightly attractive.

Speeding forward several decades, I found myself fascinated by the spectacle the foreign and domestic policies of western nations, particularly the US. I was both puzzled and outraged by the apparent insanity and obvious self contradiction of the claimed, versus what appeared the obvious motivations of the elected and appointed governments of the apparently “free world”.

This came to a head for me with the public scandal of the Bush-Junior-era Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and his apparently politically motivated firings of roughly a dozen state level prosecutors. Around this time I began writing a blog, noting the inconsistencies between the public narrative sold by mainstream media, and what appeared an irretrievably corrupt apparatus of government in not just the United States, but every western nation including Canada, where I live.

I went to university in Canada, studying geology and physics, which led to work in the canadian mining industry. I also found the time to form and and develop several small and modestly successful businesses, including a software company which over a decade grew from 2 employees to over 100.

But out of observing and writing about the visible behavior of the North American political establishment, I began to see a consistent pattern sharply at odds with the publicly accepted social and political narrative.

This led eventually to my adoption of many of the views common within what is now called the Men’s Rights Movement, although I had no early that idea any such movement existed. In 2010, I had written several articles from a strongly MRM point of view without realizing a larger movement existed, but did not begin to self identify as a “men’s rights activist” until seeing Paul Elam’s “thehappymisogynist” videos on Youtube.

In 2010 Paul contacted me, and I began submitting articles for publication on AVFM, I soon joined Paul as the co host of his radio show, and eventually became the Site’s Editor In chief.

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