A Voice For Men

Happy Birthday AVfM

I also have to say that the thanks are now extended from Manuel Dexter as well as from myself. He has become the driving force behind much of what we are doing here, including the radio show and register-her.com. And a special nod to Keyster who works diligently to ensure that every broadcast of AVfM radio goes smoothly.

5K and pushing forward!

That being said, the fundraiser will continue for the entire two weeks as scheduled. There are a couple of good reasons for this. One, if I were able to raise $5,000,000.00 it would not be enough to fuck their shit up the way I would like to. Two, and very importantly, nearly 40% of the current total ($2,000.00) was donated by one individual who has been a regular, anonymous supporter.

Without this person, we are still at 60% of goal.

New AVfM submission guidelines for writers

Part of the good news of AVfM’s success is also the bad news. Managing this website has become quite time consuming; so consuming, in fact, that it is having a negative impact on my ability to fully engage other projects that need my attention.  And it has caused serious delays with the timely processing of articles that I post from emails.

False alarm

A short note of thanks to all those who expressed concerns during yesterday’s down time. The matter has been resolved. There was not an attack on the site; at least not of anything more than some incompetence from web hosting, and some ignorance on my behalf.