Fidelbogen joins the AVfM team


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Gents and ladies, it seems the holidays have wasted no time fulfilling the tendency to bear gifts. We are happy to announce that Fidelbogen, the devastating deconstructionist of feminist ideology, also known as The Counter Feminist, today officially joins the ranks of the editorial staff at AVfM.

And so what precisely, you may ask, does this mean?

Well, some things are immediately certain. He will be posting a “letter of introduction” in the near future to speak to some of that, but a couple of things are already clear. One, he will bring a surgical eye to the spelling and grammar of the work presented here, and will be able to correct mistakes as he encounters them. He also has a well-documented history of providing MRM literature of impeccable quality and lasting value. We expect that will continue in earnest.

But there are contributions as yet undefined. As an editor here, Fidelbogen joins a loosely associated staff of independent activists, all with the authority to use AVfM to launch all manner of FTSU. He will be free to initiate such actions, or not to, as he sees fit and as his life schedule allows. As an FTSU “free agent” it is better to allow him to address that from this point forward.

Needless to say, we are pleased to no end around here at this development.  Editorial positions at AVfM are by invitation only, and we are damned picky about who we invite.

Please join me in welcoming Fidebogen to the team at the leading online platform for men’s rights activism in the world. We are lucky to have him.



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