Thanksgiving thoughts from AVfM

In America this is the Thanksgiving holiday.  Canadians are kind of weird and celebrate their Thanksgiving in October, but since that country is represented in our management I won’t be to snotty about it.

Seriously though, as schmaltzy and illogical as it sounds I have had a personal tradition for years now to reflect on something, or some things, I have every reason to be thankful about on this day. This year is no exception.

I have been doing an awful lot of bitching lately about the demands and the stress of conducting all this activism. I have griped about people making more requests of me than they are willing to do themselves, and I suppose that I had a right to some of that. This shit is hard and I could use 10 more hands and 24 more hours to each day.

But the other side of that – the part I want to talk about here – is that for most of my adult life I have dreamed of doing what I am doing now; of spending each and every day fully dedicated to making a difference. And for all the chiding I have done, the fact is that I never dreamed I would have had as much help and sacrifice from others as I have.

When I started A Voice for Men, I had hopes that it would become a successful blog and that it would project a strong voice, for men and boys, into the cacophony of misandric chatter that now deafens the masses to the truth. What I ended up with, what we ended up with, was an emerging lighthouse for the world of men and boys, many of whom are adrift in a sea of increasing troubles.

We have a body of literature, over 800 articles strong now, that I do believe is the most compelling collection of masculine counter-theory ever collected. We have a base of real activists, men and women who do more than shake their heads at the troubles we face. Every time AVfM has called on you, you have been there.

We have something that has outgrown my simple proprietorship and is truly the intellectual and moral property of many, many people. We have, finally, A Voice for Men, and I cannot imagine being any more proud or any more grateful.

On behalf of John and myself, hopefully your worthy servants in this great cause, thank you. May you all, from whatever part of the globe you call home, find your lives enriched by reasons to be grateful – and by the justice we all seek.

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