S.C.U.M. murder and dance party with credits

Normally we only place videos in our newfangled video library. But sometimes you need something front and center. PE

In November of 2010, a collection of Swedish feminists identifying themselves as followers of Valerie Solanas – by the title of her male-hating diatribe, the S.C.U.M. Manifesto ( society for cutting up men ) posted a video depicting the murder of a newspaper reading man, followed by an impromptu dance party, and the text message “Do Your Part” – a clear, unambiguous call for male-targeting homicide.

This video stayed on youtube for over a year. It received over 5000 views, and got more than 300 down-votes. It is likely that dozens of people flagged it using Youtube’s complaint system, on the grounds that it was hate speech, and endorsed murder. It remained on Youtube, along with the open endorsement of murder until the readers at AVfM took notice, and uncovered the identities of these murder enthusiasts and hate mongers. Unfortunately, the Swedish theatre group, naming themselves “SCUM” continue to present a stage adaptation of Valerie Solanas’s male-targeting hate propaganda to school children. However, thanks to the efforts of MRAs around the word, they’re no longer doing so without world-wide criticism.

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