Paul Elam

First, a Rant at Men

Personally, I have seen enough of this garbage from men to last me a lifetime. There are men and women out here right now, fighting an uphill battle you can’t imagine just to give you a fair shot at justice when the wife calls in the lawyers and the state to dissolve your marriage and your assets; to dissolve your life.


Amy sat across from me in one of the two Queen Anns. She looked vacantly at the floor and her shoulders slumped downward, as if ready to collapse under the weight of a hard life. She used a pale finger to absently toy with a strand of hair that hung by her cheek and was …

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We are aware, especially in these hard economic times, that parting with hard earned money is a tough call, but we are asking you to do it nonetheless. We will put your money to work every day confronting misandry wherever we find it.

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Thank you for supporting the work of A Voice for Men with your contribution! We have grown over the years into a robust organization producing both literature and activist missions aimed at helping men and boys. With that growth comes increased expense. It is working, though. We are finally witnessing the narrative starting to change. …

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