Conference Twitter Feed

There is a Twitter feed, @icmi14 for the International Conference on Men’s Issues 2014 from which our Media Director, Janet Bloomfield, will be tweeting relevant updates. We invite listeners/viewers to tweet any serious questions they have for the speakers during their talks.

Mission Statement

The Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM) is a complicated and often misunderstood social phenomenon. With that in mind, we suggest the following reading and a review of our mission objectives.

Inclusivity On The John

At A Voice for Men, we all know that the best measure of social progress is seeing a refection of who you are on the door to the terlet. And we know there are a lot of people getting shorted (though that is not meant in a heightist way) Sammich Heist wants to do something about it.

Respect: A Meme

Feminists and Traditionalists often sing in harmony about offering unearned respect based on the possession of a vagina. Here is a meme that puts that brain dead mentality into perspective.