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Publisher’s note: This is a guest post from Sammich Heist, our resident meme master, provocateur and kitten mixologist. I am beaming with pride as he proves there really can be cooperation with gender ideologues, and that we can change the world, one terlet door at a time. PE  

Here at A Voice for Men we feature articles written by people of different ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, species, taste in movies, dietary habits and whatever other categorization may be invented in the future.

We seek to accommodate these categorizations, which will be invented to further divide and alienate everyone from everybody else, into their separate little lonely boxes in the name of this “inclusiveness” that Feminists love so much, because we can never have enough Marxism and segregation.

So it is with joy that I have discovered that my local hospital here in Canada has recently spent some of our health care tax budget to replace all of its unisex bathroom door signs throughout the entire hospital to be inclusive of non-deterministically gendered individuals:

That, or super-heroes in capes … TO DO: buy some Superman stickers

Now, they have to be applauded for their intentions because we all know gender-confused individuals might be unable to work up the courage to enter a bathroom marked as accepting both binary genders; rightfully so as hospital security regularly beat up people entering facilities without having an exact matching gender. Good thing they’re already in a hospital offering public health care to all human identifying individuals. 

But I give them a D-minus for the blatant lack of broad inclusiveness and foresight. They could be quite rightfully accused of being a class-A worthless discriminating judgmental camab-fetishizing binarist objectifying white-privileged cisgender-normative intolerant classist nonracial-hypersexualizing gender-overprivileged traditionalistic transpeciesexual-shaming entitled non-ethnic-elitist poc-kinkshaming pansexual-oppressing middle-class-elitist celestial-shaming ageist reptilian-denying insensitive body-shaming multiethnic-denying smallfat-normative genderfluid-ignoring transmisogynist able-body-priviledge-blind omnigender-sexualizing nphobic rape-apologistic patriarchistic mouthbreathing bigotted oppressive subhuman lowlife dudebro neckbeard virgin creeps.

A passable effort would have been to also include other body types:

Plate 1

As Feminist have very helpfully pointed out, comic book and anime conventions are a cesspool of sweeping discrimination and exclusion and it is very important to include individuals who have alter-egos and would be totally destroyed — their psyche eradicated — if we didn’t specifically and explicitly include them.

Plate 2

But that’s not enough. It never is.

To be absolutely on the safe side we need to cover all the bases; every single possible permutation, real or imaginary, of sentient beings must be represented on toilet doors across the world!

We will not stop until absolutely everyone has enthusiastic access to relieving themselves without the experience of toxic shame.  We will cater to every single individual’s caprice. The entire universe shall bend over backward to conform to every single one of them, not the other way around.

For global peace, love and prosperity.

Same 3

We will not stop until every single bathroom door in Canadaon EarthIN THE UNIVERSE is inclusive of all.

Let it be known that at AVFM, we care.

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