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#icmi14 is for general info and @icmi14 is for messages
you want posed directly to conference speakers.

There is a Twitter feed, @icmi14, for the International Conference on Men’s Issues 2014, from which our Media Director, Janet Bloomfield, will be tweeting relevant updates. We invite listeners/viewers to tweet any serious questions they have for the speakers during their talks, and we will endeavour to have one or two asked on the floor. Additionally, select tweets will be displayed on the video feed (but not who they’re from). Remember that this is live television that bears AVfM’s logo, and constructive tweets free from profanity are more likely to be chosen than others.
There is the #icmi14 hashtag as well for sharing general messages about the conference (note that the thugs who protested it have promised to hijack it – and note that we’ll be blocking any trolls who send to @icmi14).
If you don’t have one yet, this is a good time to get a Twitter account–there’s a lot of activity on Twitter and your support is valuable – and not only that but Twitter is fun.
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