Angry Harry

Kevin Driscoll is innocent

Later tonight on AVFM News and Activism, Robert O’Hara and James Huff will welcome Kevin Driscoll, a man who in 2009 became a cause célèbre for the men’s human rights movement after being falsely accused of a sexual assault and subsequently persecuted the state legal apparatus. In honor of Mr. Driscoll we reprint an Angry Harry piece from before his trial.

Flooded By False Rape Allegations

Rape is a heinous and serious crime, whether it’s perpetrated on a man or a woman, or by a man or a woman. Yet evidence is that most legitimate rapes are never reported, while non-legitimate rape claims, i.e. fabrications, are rampant. Angry Harry looks at the evidence that this is so, and proposes a single reason for both.

Femitheist paradise realized

In looking at those who propose to reduce the male population to only 1-10% of the total population, Angry Harry, tongue in cheek, thinks maybe that’s a good idea! And who, really, could object to such a state of affairs? Maybe we should join forces on this…

Why Men are More Intelligent Than Women

For at least half a century, the overwhelming evidence that intelligence is determined very significantly by genes has been hidden from the public – by the usual culprits. The politically-correct view was that the environment was the most significant factor in the development of intelligence and that genes were almost irrelevant.