Kevin Driscoll is innocent

Publisher’s note: Later tonight on AVFM Radio News and Activism, hosts James Huff and Robert O’Hara will welcome Kevin Driscoll to the show. In 2009, Mr. Driscoll was falsely prosecuted by District Attorney Michael Dugan and Deputy District Attorney Jody Stutsman Vaughan. We present an article by Angry Harry on the case which he wrote before the trial, in order to refresh our readers familiarity with the case and to introduce new readers to what happened to Mr. Driscoll, who was ultimately exonerated. PE

In January 2009, Kevin Driscoll of Redmond Oregon was charged with three counts of rape, one count of unlawful sexual penetration, one count of sodomy and one count of assault IV. The woman who accused him was an acquaintance of his. It is alleged that she has a history of dishonesty, of making false accusations – in one case, another allegation of rape – and of continually cheating on her husband.

Indeed, there is a video of her giving a man (not her husband) a hand job in a car park just before the alleged rape by Kevin Driscoll and, indeed, a video of her calmly and freely getting into Kevin Driscoll’s car with Kevin Driscoll himself, only some two hours after his alleged raping of her. Not long prior to her alleged rape, she was cavorting naked with two or three men in a hot tub.

There is no significant evidence that any rape occurred. Kevin Driscoll denies vehemently that he raped her, but he concurs that he did have consensual sex with her prior to driving her to her car, which was parked a few miles away.

He has no history of dishonesty. No history of abusing anybody. And there is not a shred of decent evidence to suggest that Kevin Driscoll might have raped this woman.

And yet, here we are, October 2009, ten months later, and the situation for Kevin Driscoll – whose trial is due in November – is described by one of his friends as follows. But, before you read about what has happened to Kevin Driscoll since he was accused, let us just assume for the moment that all the evidence above is completely fabricated by his friends and that, in essence, this is just a he said/she said situation. Look at what happens to a man who is merely accused …

Angie says: Kevin is 30 and is very successful. Kevin had been working with the Federal aviation Administration for over 8 years. He was a Electrical Engineer that worked on landing systems at the airport. Kevin was also attending college again to pursue a career as a medical doctor.

He was planning on applying for medical school in the next few years.

Since this all happened he lost his Job.

The company from day one put him on leave until they gave it enough time so they can fire him. He has had to drop out of school because he is on house arrest.

Dont know if this blows his chance of ever getting into medical school. Hope not for his sake. He has had to pay for house arrest at the cost of $400 a month just so he can stay out of jail.

I hear his house is going into forclosure and is going to lose it. His friends alienated him after seeing it on the news. I hear his negibors talk about him being the negiborhood rapist.

I know his mother gave up her job of 15 years and moved right in to kevins house because he could only be release with a ankle bracelet and Third party (His mom) I know his mom and kevin has dumped every penny they have.

I talked to his mom and she just filed bankrupt and Kevin is going to have to soon. I hear this is up around 50, 000 dollars so far.

And what all men need to understand is that this shocking treatment of an innocent man (and he is supposed to be treated as if he was innocent by the justice system – until, and if, he is proved otherwise) is applicable to all men – at the whim of any female. But you, me and the law, are supposed to view Kevin Driscoll as an innocent man. And this means treating him as such; not just paying lip service to the notion of “innocent until proven guilty” while, behind everybody’s back, he is treated as if he was guilty.

In other words, as I write this piece, Kevin Driscoll IS Innocent as far as I am concerned, and also as far as you and the justice system should be concerned. And there is just no way that what is being done to Kevin Driscoll can be called ‘justice’ – particularly by those who are working within the justice system. On the contrary, these legal officials have to be some of the most morally corrupt officials that we have dwelling amongst us currently.

And the pathetic excuse  that, “We are only doing our jobs,” is even more inexcusable than was the one used by the Nazis who ran the concentration camps and who claimed later that they were, “only following orders.” At least, in the latter case, you might have been shot or sent to the war front for failing to carry out orders. Not so for people like Michael Dugan, the District Attorney, and Jody Stutsman Vaughan, the deputy.

No-one is pointing a gun at them.

And I really am very sorry to have to use such language to describe those officials who are part of this process, but, in my view, any human being who willfully hurts innocent others so horribly – seriously messing up their future lives – cannot get much lower. Indeed, even most people who end up in prison rarely sink as low as this. And the chances are that Michael Dugan and Jody Vaughan are mostly interested in their careers, rather than with anything to do with justice. By prosecuting `as many men as possible, they can show their voters just how tough they are on crime.

And thoroughly messing up the lives of innocent men is what these legal officials are quite prepared to do – especially if they can portray themselves as the heroic protectors of women.

Think about it.

There can be no other reason for them doing what they are doing to Kevin Driscoll – unless they also get some perverse sadistic pleasure out of doing such things. Either way; they must be deeply unpleasant characters, in my view. After all, people who mess up the lives of innocent others can surely not be regarded as anything else but deeply unpleasant.

No doubt, if Michael Dugan and Jody Vaughan were to read this article, they would protest and try to claim that they are merely trying to protect women. But no-one is criticising them for such a thing. If they want to protect women, fine. They can even put them in safehouses if they appear to be vulnerable.

But what should be completely unacceptable to everybody is for Michael Dugan and Jody Vaughan to treat so appallingly men who have not been convicted of anything, and whose histories do not appear to suggest that they are a threat to anybody. And, “We are just doing our jobs,” has to be one of the lamest and most feeble of excuses imaginable. The media reporting of this alleged rape was no less prejudicial, apparently.

According to a USObserver article, News Channel 21 and local TV KOHD (ABC News) simply tried to whip up rape hysteria among the local community when it came to this alleged rape.

As is typical of many journalists currently working in the mainstream media, they demonised a man who was accused of sexual crimes simply in order to keep their readers sexually aroused and titillated. These hacks are nothing more than sleaze merchants who will harm other people simply in order to make an extra buck.

What we see going on here is a complete and utter corruption of the justice system; a truly sickening indictment not only of the system itself, but of those people who run it, and of those scavengers in the media business who seek to profit themselves by stirring up hatred towards a man who has not been found guilty of anything.

And for MRAs reading this; please, please, please try to understand that this disgusting state of affairs is only being maintained because of the greed and the self-serving dishonesty of those who run the justice system. And if we continue to allow these thoroughly corrupt individuals to get away with what they are doing, matters will simply get worse before we finally dethrone them – which we will.

Think about it.

You can lose EVERYTHING that you hold to be dear, just because officials like Michael Dugan and Jody Vaughan are prepared to take it all away from you in order keep their fancy jobs, and all because some woman – even one with no credibility at all – has made a sexual allegation. And if they are God-fearing people – which such officials in America usually proclaim themselves to be – then I can assure them that, “I was only doing my job,” will not fool anyone who has any decent religious values.

Indeed, the castigation and vilification of all those people who willfully hurt innocent others has been common throughout all of the major religions across the world for the past two thousand years. It is about only thing that religious people throughout the whole of recorded history have ever agreed upon.

Why? Because it makes such good sense, because it is right, and because we can never live in decent societies if people are permitted to hurt innocent others with impunity. But Mr High-And-Mighty Michael Dugan and Ms Princess Lofty Jody Vaughan clearly think that they are exempt from such morality.

They clearly believe that this global, planetary-wide, moral imperative – to refuse to willfully harm innocent people – does not apply to them. They must believe themselves to be superior beings; even though their behaviour suggests that the complete opposite is true.

And, surely, if they think that it is OK to seriously harm innocent people in pursuit of their aims, then they can have no legitimate complaint if people decide to harm them in pursuit of their own aims. Indeed, they, themselves, are no longer innocent.

On the contrary, they have been breaking just about the most important moral code ever to have existed on this planet.

And we need to stop them; because we should never allow such people to have so much power over us, and we should certainly never allow morally-corrupt officials anywhere near our justice system.

End Note:

People who are prepared to harm seriously innocent others in pursuit of their self-serving aims – especially so when alternative routes are available – are morally corrupt.

So, please don’t email me suggesting otherwise.

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