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Death on the ‘baby farm’: part one

Think all serial killers are men? Think again – the evidence, long suppressed, of brutal female serial murderers is growing like wildfire, and even more disturbing are the often light sentences they received for their crimes – sort of like Mary Kellett, one might think. In another installment of his Unknown History of Misandry, our own gonzo historian Robert St. Estephe uncovers the grisly, hidden crimes female serial killers inflicted on the most helpless of victims for all the world to see.

Monday Roundup for 22 July 2013

Managing Editor Dean Esmay returns with a special two-week edition of the Monday Roundup, hitting on the amazing amount of awesome stuff that’s happened the last two weeks. How anyone can not think these are amazing days we have no idea. Last week’s roundup was missed in all the excitement, so now you get two, two, two weeks in one! News! Opinion! Sports! Art! Stories! And more! Yee-haw!