Philando Castile, Justine Damond, and the automatic in-group bias toward women

Author’s note: This article is deadly serious.  If you are a white woman in Minneapolis, this short test could save your life. Information at the bottom of this article could also save the lives of countless Australian Children.  Disclaimer: I make some somewhat funny or shocking statements and occasionally use inappropriate language, to make important information digestible.  The lives of women and children are at risk. Please read and share.

This article is difficult. It ends a series that began a month ago because I wanted to explain the phenomena of Minnesota-generated and spread worldwide moral panics. I’ve observed these my entire life. I was noticing the same kind of behavior in response to the Red Pill Movie in Australia.

What started out with me asking the question, What the heck is going on in Australia?”, turned into Malcolm Turnbull asking Donald Trump, “What the fuck is going on in Minneapolis?

I can’t take shortcuts with this article. There’s also no way I can do this without offending. The answers are uncomfortable. And people are in danger.

The death of Justine Damond was predictable and avoidable. Mr. Turnbull, if you want to get to the bottom of what killed her, you must understand the phenomenon known as Minnesota Nice, the Group-Think Tank at the University Minnesota, and the Twin Cities Echo-Chamber of Commerce.

When I started this series, I couldn’t possibly know Justine Damond, a beautiful Australian, would be dead today, but I have been predicting that a white woman would be unintentionally killed by Minneapolis Police for the last five years. That it was in South Minneapolis, by a black Muslim officer, was not a surprise, nor was the fact that she was a foreigner who didn’t speak the the local language.



All Lives Matter is Somehow a Deeply Offensive Racist Slur

Why is a white woman in South Minneapolis running up to a police car in a dark alley, in the middle of the night?  The answer, Mr. Turnbull, is ignorance. This does not mean she was necessarily at fault, it just means no one wanted her to be warned of the danger she was in.

Where Australian cities such as Melbourne, are famous the world over for public safety messages, the City of Minneapolis seems to be actively complicit in the cockblocking of those who might have informed white women in Minneapolis of the dangers they face.

Additionally, Justine Damond was blinded by U.S. media, who are paid by advertisers to send her soothing messages that police homicides are someone else’s problem.

Women direct over 80% of the consumer spending in the United States, and much of the messaging is designed to make them feel safe, so they can continue spending. The company’s product is guaranteed to make her life less complex.

White women are particularly targeted.

White women in the United States are conditioned to think that little black girls in pink bows are more at risk than their white husbands or sons to police homicide, and the biggest risk they themselves might encounter is being bitten on the face by a boa constrictor.

Black women know this is bullshit. Poor white women know this is bullshit. This doesn’t stop little girls of all ages and genders, however, from jumping in on the hype and bullying people into correct-think.

White women are seduced into a very comfortable fallacy that the men in their families have some special bullet dodging privilege because of the color of their skin. An uncomfortable fact is 95% of US. Police homicide victims are men, the majority of which are white.

Justine never knew the danger she was in. Reality is not good for business in the United States. In South Minneapolis, where the Twin Cities Echo-Chamber of Commerce and an army of little black girls, white women, and university students all steeped in Minnesota Nice reign, this reality is even more distorted.

These white women and university students also happened to be the ones throwing rocks at police, and burning shit down in North Minneapolis during the 4th Precinct Takeover. The mainstream media never turned the cameras away from the black organizers to show you who was terrorizing police.

Minnesota Nice Killed Justine Damond

This cartoon illustrates Minnesota Nice, perfectly. It’s a type of manipulative abuse where the abuser lies and obstructs to get what they want. Gaslighting and DARVO (Deny Attack Reverse Victim and Offender) are examples of Minnesota Nice.

Truth in Postmoderism

An AVFM reader recently described DARVO as being like a fart in church. It’s more accurately described as the emotional version of pouring pig shit and boogers on someone, poking their eye out, and then claiming your own victimhood.

The University of Minnesota Group-Think Tank receives millions and millions of dollars in government-funded non-repayable student loans to teach people these destructive techniques to abuse, derogate, gender shame, race bully, shitweasel, and Quisling themselves into power.

They do this at the state level too, of course, all the way to the Governor’s mansion. But the City Government of Minneapolis, man, those people got this shit down.

Their hivemind has stopped any contrary discourse, they control the local news, and some have even blocked access to federally protected, publicly funded, supreme court guaranteed, public media access.

How the Racist, the Bully, the Shit Weasel, and the Fox took over the Free Speech Zone

Mayor Hodges, there is a man, a nationally recognized civil rights historian and independent journalist, that could very well have saved Justine Damond’s life.

You know it, I know it, and the Democratic City Council knows it. The Democratic Governor’s Office and Attorney General’s office were also informed, but no one did anything when the man who could have saved Justine Damond’s life was cockblocked by a black lesbian pick up artist, a famous black social justice filmmaker, and a black “non-profit expert” at the Minneapolis Television Network

This particular public access media producer couldn’t warn Justine Damond about what was really going on in Minneapolis, because it violated the acceptable boundaries of what a black man should say publicly to the citizens of Minneapolis.

The Twin Cities Echo-Chamber of Commerce and the Mindhive of Greater Minnesota

To the Trump and Turnbull administrations: You have your work cut out for you with trying get to the bottom of this clusterfuck. Drain the swamp is a particularly good metaphor, here in Minnesota.

If history is any indicator, Justine Damond is the least of your worries with the Mindhive of Greater Minnesota. The world is in for a shit storm of witch hunts, which will destroy the lives of countless women and children if you can not stop the 2017 Minnesota State Fair, get rid of all the mosquitos, and remove the Group-Think tank from the U of M.

That should be easy. You have 3 weeks.

U.S. Presidential Candidate Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could probably do all three of those in an hour and a half, or maybe, like, an hour. I know this because I watched him in “San Andreas,” and he demonstrated that he is an incredible, emotionally strong, and capable man, who is able to handle complex situations under fire. He is willing to risk himself to save women and children.

If you think greater than zero people in the US would be happy to let Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson grab them by their pussy, there might just be a flaw in all men that is putting the lives of millions of women and children, worldwide, in danger…right now.

I know that was an odd statement, but I need you to think a little bit differently just for a few minutes. Please, this is important. The messaging is light and conversational for white women in South Minneapolis to more easily digest it, but the message is deadly serious.

White women and children are at risk.

We may be seeing some echoes of the 1980 Election of “hard-right-fascist-nuclear-holocausting” president,  Ronald Reagan, who won in a landslide, and was also an “accused Nazi sympathizer.”  Sound familiar?

During his presidency, and into the 90’s, the Twin Cities Echo-Chamber of Commerce and the Mindhive of Greater Minnesota exported a steady stream of silent death and destruction worldwide, just like the 1918 flu. And if history is any guide, if we can’t stop the 2017 Minnesota State Fair, 2018 will see another worldwide moral plague.

This is not a joke.


World Wide Moral Panic

Gynocentrism killed Justine Damond, Mr Turnbull, and it may be getting ready to kill white women near you. Children will also die if this is not stopped.

Minnesota Nice and the Land of 10,000 Gynocentric Moral Panics

Minnesota is known for a lot of things: Prince, the Minnesota Twins, the Mall of America and the death of Jacob Wetterling. Two of those created worldwide gynocentric moral panics. Gynocentrism, in this respect, doesn’t necessarily mean “woman-centric” but “woman/child” centric.

We like women. We like children. Put them in a group, and we evoke radical empathy in all humans. If given the opportunity, overwhelming stress will drive us to do or say against out-group women and children in the name of empathy toward in-group women and children.

Stress can come from anywhere: politics, economics, education, or a long line at Starbucks.  But there’s a visceral type of stress that comes from mice, lice, and undesirable male behavior. This is parasite stress.

Since the major frog population collapse in the 1930’s, the Greater Minnesota Mindhive gets a little stressed 12 trillion-billion-zillion times a day, all summer long.

This stress is caused by the Unofficial Minnesota State Bird.


Fuck these fucking fuckers

Fuck these fucking fuckers.

These blood suckers create a stress, not unlike the 2016/17 mouse plague in Southern Australia. It’s just that ours is a cumulative phenomena, caused by 11,000 beautiful lakes, while yours is caused by 80 year record rains.

There have been reports of them carrying off small children and spreading disease throughout the state. The resulting stress combines with pig’s shit and food on a stick, every Labor Day Weekend, right in the center of this fucking Mindhive.

The MN State Fair, the Great Minnesota Get Together,  attracts almost two million people every year. This year will likely bring record numbers, yet again.

Families and their friends spend the day talking about life, people watching, screaming at police, and eating food on a stick, all while surrounded by a bunch of animal shit and looking at butter sculptures in hot, humid weather.

Then everyone goes home and exports the next deadly gynocentric moral panic to the world.

Here are some examples of what comes from Minnesota Nice:

  1. Prince – The Echo-Chamber’s most famous moral panic was that of a certain purple local black pop musician who was accused in the early 80’s of salaciously endangering children and seducing young white women into perverted dance parties in Downtown Minneapolis in the early 1980’s. Notably, he had difficulty in his early days getting regular gigs at First Avenue, the downtown Minneapolis nightclub he eventually made world famous in his 1984 major motion picture Purple Rain.His song Darling Nikki was the number one song on the PMRC’s Filthy Fifteen songs, which were going to teach children that masturbation was normal and acceptable human behavior.  Prince’s race and dress were used by wife of Southern Democratic Vice President, Al Gore, who exploited Prince’s race and gender ambiguity to raise their credibility amongst their conservative constituents in an attempt to stifle free speech. Moral panics lead governments to infringe human rights. Prince died April 21, 2016, in between the shootings of Jamar Clark and Philando Castile. In 2017, Minnesota politicians are still mourning, but in the early 1980’s, they used Prince to terrify parents nationally because of his sexuality, which was perceived by some to be even more provocative than Elvis Presley.
  2. The Duluth Model – During the Post-Vietnam Domestic Violence Moral Panic of the early 1970’s, Minnesota infected the world with the Duluth Model of Gynocentric Abuse. This is the deadliest moral panic in the history of human civilization. It is the leading cause of the suicide epidemic sweeping the United States. The Duluth Model was created in Duluth, Minnesota in 1980 by two little girls who “didn’t understand anything about therapy” but were correctly-educated in widely accepted Marxist gender theory by a Group-Think Tank in Duluth.The Duluth Model “influenced the way law enforcement, social service and advocacy organizations handled domestic violence.” The death and misery caused by this Minnesota export cannot be overstated. The Duluth Model has killed or heinously endangered more children than disease or accidents. If a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder has a child, she can remove the father’s influence through gaslighting and DARVO. The Duluth Model actively encourages this behavior, which exploits a dangerous known social bias, and group-think tanks the world wide train these women on exactly how to exploit these systems to harm their children. Some of these women are seriously mentally ill, and fathers are powerless to save their children. The Duluth Model is one of the main reasons men are 80% of suicides. This leaves millions of wives, sisters, mothers and daughters grieving every year. Widely accepted Marxist gender theory states that men are always the oppressors and women are always the victims. The problem of domestic violence, say Duluth Model practitioners, can only be solved by re-educating men to better serve women for their own good. The sadistic perverts who make a living doing this often court ordered re-education programs, should be tried for crimes against humanity for the devastation they have wrought on the world. You can start with the Minneapolis Men’s Center, who has been operating this re-education racket since the first moral panic, beginning with the returning Vietnam Vets in 1973. A more accurate replacement model is based on observations of natural behavior that describes men as human-doings who manage complexity and maintain boundaries for their families, and domestic violence is what happens when stress gets too high. The Duluth Model is an abuse model whose practitioners prefer Marxist Theory and actively deny that biology or biochemistry plays a role in anything, or that men are full human beings; particularly white men. Talk to the man in charge of re-education for the Minneapolis Men’s Center about his philosophy regarding heterosexual behavioral dynamics, and you will understand why white male suicide is exploding around the country, while the hivemind guffaws at the losses faced by the women and children they leave behind.Mindhive Activities by Region Deathcount
  3. Day Care Sex Abuse – Minnesota is also famous for starting the 1980’s Day Care Sex Abuse Mass Hysteria, which destroyed countless lives, worldwide. Jordan, Minnesota prosecutor R. Kathleen Morris and court appointed experts agreed that “children couldn’t possibly be coerced into lying about their neighbors, teachers or relatives sexually abusing them.”It turns out, anyone who has ever met an actual child knows this is insanity but the people in the Mindhive believed it, because it’s consistent with the Duluth Model, and sounds like something everyone already kind of believes.  The taboo nature of the topic means that men can’t and women don’t speak out for fear of reprisal. In Australia, this will likely spur some memories amongst Boomers and GenX’ers who lived in Perth, Melbourne and New South Wales who were infected by this and the next taboo driven Gynocentric Moral Panic exported from the Minnesota Group-Think Mindhive.
  4. Satanic Ritual Sex Abuse – The Satanic Ritual Sex Abuse Moral Panic also has its roots in Minnesota. Again with outbreaks in Perth, Melbourne and New South Wales.Two Lutheran ministers, from St. Paul, Minnesota’s capitol city, exploited a widely known cognitive bias known as Paradolia to make people believe, through the power of suggestion, that nonsense sounded like strings of warped, other-worldly words. It also excites parasite stress because it sounds unsettling. Like the Duluth Model, the Ministers “found what they were looking for” and proceeded to make a fortune travelling the world, claiming to be “experts” in Satanic-Backward-Recordology, exploiting a known cognitive bias on radio shows and churches, and freaking out Conservative Christians. An inconvenient truth Mr. Gore should consider, is how much his career benefited at the expense of the Memphis Three via the tireless work of his wife.
  5. Stranger Danger – The murders of Jacob Wetterling and Jon Benet Ramsey led to a generation of fungus people. The generational phenomena known as Millennials has it’s roots in the Mindhive of Greater Minnesota, just outside the Twin Cities Echo-Chamber, near St. Cloud, Minnesota. According to NYU social psychologist  Jonathan Haight, who specializes in moral psychology, after these high profile deaths, kids didn’t go to the park without a parent who they could appeal to when conflicts between kids inevitably occurred. These children then grew into adults without developing the conflict resolution skills held by earlier generations. This makes these children extremely vulnerable, especially when exposed to Minnesota Nice. It makes them cry bullies, susceptible to the influence of little black lesbian pickup artists with bullhorns. This entire generation, who are bad at resolving interpersonal conflicts, are willing to sacrifice the civil liberties of anyone who will not provide them the necessary safe spaces they demand. If you’re a single mom in America, finding it hard to find good men to come anywhere within a 1,000 feet of you and your children, you can thank the The Removal of Civil Liberties, Presumption of Guilt, and Lifelong Shaming and Dehumanization Acts that passed with worldwide unanimous bipartisan support in the last 20 years. Millennials as a generation are an expression of what you get when children are deprived of normal social interactions with men. They are the the second generation of children who have been robbed of the benefits of being exposed to social masculinity. You can directly link this to the Mindhive and Echo-Chamber that is Minnesota, in direct partnership with the Group-Think Tank of the U of M. While this has served to terrify parents, it’s done nothing to protect children. Instead, the systematic removal of men from the lives of children has had devastating consequences worldwide.Minnesota Gynocentric Moral Panics by Sewer Clowns
  6. The MN State Fair – Food on a Stick is another world wide phenomena spread from Echo-Chamber.  Last year 1,943,719 people came to Great Minnesota Get Together and ate shitty, greasy food, around a bunch of livestock, in the most densely populated places in the world over Labor Day Weekend. The fairgrounds are right next to the University of Minnesota’s Agriculture Farm and will likely be the source of some protests, disgust propaganda, pig’s shit, mosquitos, Minnesota Nice, and so much greasy food that it’ll be the big the lead story of every news outlet in the state. ABC, NBC, CBS, Minneapolis Public Radio, and Buzzfeed’s Minneapolis Office, along with every city newspaper in the state, will broadcast hourly reports from the Fairgrounds.  Mmmm, pig shit, corn dogs, and parasite stress. What could possibly go wrong?

White Women and Black Lives Matter

One problem with Black Lives Matter” says the producer whose supreme court protected access was blocked from the Minneapolis Television Network, “Is that it makes white women feel too safe around police. Another thing is that when white women start selling black pain, there are two things you can expect more of, white women making a lot of money and the other, of course, is more black pain.”

Where Were You When Jamar Clark was still standing?

The 4th Precinct Takeover was basically black girls with bullhorns inciting university students and white women against police.  Many national news agencies were blocked when trying to get access to the riots. This public access producer has footage from several days that show Black Lives Matter in Minneapolis as a mostly white female phenomena.

The pictures the local media ran with were focused on the black organizers, but the burning and the rock throwing, that was mostly white women and university students.

This is not a popular lens for local government.

When this producer tried to create and release the footage which could have started an honest, yet ugly, conversation (and possibly saved Justine Damond’s life) he was blocked by a famous black social justice filmmaker and a black lesbian pickup artist who race-bullied everyone to stop his message from reaching the community, including Justine Damond.

I’d argue that she might just be alive today, if Minneapolis government weren’t so susceptible to this kind of intimidation, and actually gave a shit about first amendment rights.

Minneapolis also passed a law while wrapped in another moral panic of alleged hate crimes this was to protect university students or people in Muslim neighborhoods from hearing controversial views. A police hotline was set up to report the alleged hate speech. It’s unclear whether this has stopped people from spreading hurtful rhetoric amongst marginalized groups. It is clear that inciting hate at Minneapolis police officers is still legal.

The Group-Think Tank at the University of Minnesota, the Hivemind of Greater Minnesota, and the Twin Cities Echo-Chamber of Commerce have the messaging pretty well under control here in Minneapolis.

And now, it’s killing white women.

How the Group-Think Tank Controls Speech for Political Purposes and How that puts White Women at Risk

St. Paul has a Twin Cities newspaper and Minneapolis has a Minneapolis City paper who works tirelessly with the City’s Communication Department to make sure that everyone is correctly-educated about events in the city.

The deaths of Jamar Clark, Philando Castile, and Justine Damond (who is referred to not by name, but more often as the “Australian woman killed by Officer Mohamed Noor”) have been covered by every television station and newspaper, all blasting stories into the Mindhive, but with remarkably, disturbingly different reporting strategies.

When a black man in Minneapolis gets shot. we get inundated with the mugshot, a list of drugs he was known to ingest, and why he was probably deserving of this demise. The police officer remains unnamed for a few days, on paid administrative leave, until they finally come forward and explain the circumstances which made them fear for their life, thereby justifying the homicide of a citizen they are sworn to protect. No charges are brought against them.

The Philando Castile story was a little different, as he was, by most accounts, an upstanding citizen whom they had trouble digging up a shady past on. But, they found what they could (most involving the use of marijuana) and moved forward with the standard narrative.

Enter Justine Damond, the Australian-born, spiritual leader, white lady, yoga instructor. We know her life, how incredible she was, how loved she was by family and friends. We know she loved her community and helping others. We also know the officer who killed her in the street, like a common criminal, is a black man of Somali descent, who refuses to give his testimony of the circumstances yet. I don’t know if Justine had a record, what kind of drugs she may or may not have been taking, let alone selling in that dark alley, or whether or not her questionable past justifies the use of deadly force against her.

I do know that this time, “we” need to take back the community. “We” need to do something about this violence in our streets. “We” need to express our outrage of one of our own being gunned down after calling 911, of her own volition, reporting a possible rape in the alley.

Justine should have known better, but she didn’t because of the Group-Think Tank and the Twin Cities Echo-Chamber of Commerce.

The Twin Cities Echo-Chamber of Commerce

From Fast, Fun, and Friendly to Best Company Ever.

“How can I bring these lessons back to my team?” asked a Target team leader after the well-attended Diversity Action Committee’s 2017 Privilege Walk.

Target’s VP of Diversity and Inclusion/Corporate Social Responsibility, Caroline Wanga,  describes herself as a “social architect.” She is quoted as saying, “You can see this problem being played out today – with certain racial/ethnic and immigrant communities being viewed as less than whole.” It’s unclear whether or not she views men, or white men as full humans as they seem remarkably absent from Target’s Diversity initiative, as is any talk of diversity among political viewpoints.

She must be extraordinarily competent and effective at correctly-educating the community living near the Target Northern Campus on their privilege. She has rapidly advanced her way from Manager to VP between the killing of two American-born African Americans, Trayvon Martin and Philando Castile. Quite a career.

The Privilege Walk at the Target Northern Campus placed people in lines and sorted them by their collective privilege, dividing people based on their race, ethnicity, parentage, property ownership, right handedness, and sexuality.

This left all of the white, middle class people, with two parents, who owned property, or who had ever taken a family vacation, standing out in front of their colleagues whom they are presumably oppressing.  It is unclear where Caroline Wanga, a Kenyan born black woman, stood in this lineup, but she has made a clear commitment to “living what she asks others to do.”

Gender privilege was omitted from the public shaming on the Privilege Walk, likely as it exacerbates Tazerdronophobia, which appears to be a predominately white male phenomena.   

Tazerdronophobia among male technology workers is a major economic problem within the Twin Cities Echo-Chamber of Commerce. Target prides itself on its commitment to diversity by outsourcing call center jobs overseas and by sponsoring an army of Indian Information Technology Contractors. This increases fear that white male technology workers might not be able to feed their families.

Target Stores were founded in Minnesota by the family of Governor Mark Dayton, heir to this enormous fortune.

“Yeah, they really ran a number on us” said Larry Gilpin former Target Sr. VP of Human Resources and Guest Relations referring to the Daytons Family.

“Australia would have been a perfect international market, due to it’s proximity to Asia, but the Dayton’s set up a parallel operation there in the 70’s, using our talent and vendor infrastructure. The best international move we have now is Canada. Canada’s going to take years and it’ll be a nightmare. Those people don’t want us there.”

Mr. Gilpin clearly did not like the idea of a Canadian expansion, “Australia would have been cash cow.” Many early US investors in Target might find it interesting that there’s a completely unrelated, similarly branded, $3.5 billion store with the same name and logo in Australia.

It’s unclear whether Governor Mark Dayton, who currently oversees the Mindhive, directly benefitted from the successful Australian shadow company.

Gilpin left Target shortly after this interview. Larry breathed the Fast, Fun and Friendly culture of Target and cared deeply for Team Members, Investors, and the Communities they served.

You might remember Mr. Gilpin from his friendly picture on comment cards in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Unfortunately, while the Dayton family still held significant shares in Target Corporation, the former Democratic Mayor, Sharon Sayles Belton, offered tax increment financing to build a Target Store in North Minneapolis, displacing some family owned businesses and serving up the Community of North Minneapolis to the Minnesota-State-Correctional-Meatgrinder.

This created stable, well-paying jobs in outstate Minnesota but was a devastating cancer to the family and community in North Minneapolis.

Target’s own projected sales and loss data metrics allegedly showed this store would not be profitable.  They took the city financing, in part, because the store would provide ample training for Asset Protection Team Members on new equipment and tactics used there.

Many civil liberties activists will be surprised to know that Asset Protection Team Members handcuff suspects to brightly painted red benches while awaiting the police.

Broadway Target closed as soon Target could escape the contract they were essentially race-bullied into taking.

Would you like to apply for a Red Card Today?

Of course, Minneapolis wasn’t the only place the retailer hurt families.

“Low income people nationwide were given their first credit cards in a test” said a former Target Collection Department Supervisor, who asked not to be named.  “They started a small test in a couple of cities, and before the test was done, they pushed it out nationwide. They pushed those cards to anyone with a pulse because they were making so much money on late fees, they just didn’t even care.”

The result of this of course were many, many low income families having their credit destroyed by this practice.

“We did a mass hire of bill collectors, I felt badly for the people we hired. Call centers of hundreds of people in dead end jobs. They were being told there was opportunity, but no matter how talented, if you didn’t have a degree, or weren’t “correctly-educated” you were not getting promoted. Of course, we never told them they had no chance of moving ahead or they would have left. The family health benefits were good, but the pay was shit, people just got screamed at all day, week after week, year after year. A couple of guys even blew their brains out.”  It was tough, thankless work upsetting people across the country day after day without hope of promotion.

Target Headquarters has an unwritten, unspoken, widely known secret policy that no entry level employees can advance without being properly-educated at University.

Target Store (T0001) is within walking distance of where Philando Castile’s last minutes were livestreamed to the world.

Twin Cities Echochamber of Commerce


Women Power is in the Mindhive

In 2017, Senator Karin Housley, authored and helped pass a bill outlawing female genital mutilation in the state after a statewide epidemic was discovered. No known cause for the upswing in this barbaric practice can be discussed in the City of Minneapolis, lest it break local speech ordinance.

Housley, now a senior senator, is married to former St. Paul Vulcans hockey player, Phil Housley, who is fucking awesome!

Minnesota residents who want to mutilate their infant sons, can rest easy.

Boys have a Supreme Court protected right to have their penises mutilated without their consent. In Minnesota, boys have their arms and legs strapped down while the most sensitive part of their penis is slit with a scalpel and torn away while they scream like little baby pigs.

This service is available at Minnesota Children’s Hospital and the world famous Mayo Clinic. Whose website basically says, yeah, there’s no real medical reason for everyone to get it, it’s tradition, and you know, chicks dig it.

The Group-Think Tank at the University of MN – Department of Ad Hominem Attacks

University of Minnesota professors were among the first to discover the medical condition known as homophobia. Homophobia is an irrational fear that gay men might have sex with boys, or might touch or spread poop.

Other departments soon discovered the medical condition known as Islamophobia. Islamophobia is an irrational fear that Islamic Muslims want to kill gay people or subjugate women.

Corporateharemophobia is being Studied by UM Richfield where irrational conspiracy theorists have come to believe there’s a connection between the former CEO of Best Buy having an affair with the Leadership Institute Coordinator, the current CEO who changed the terms of a long standing Employee Stock Purchase Program, was then given permission to cash out stock to pay for his own high profile divorce, and now encourages Best Buy’s army of women executives to recruit more and more executive women.  Clearly, there’s no connection, this is strictly business. Women are less likely to negotiate for higher wages. These conspiracy theorists obviously have an irrational fear.

Tazerdronophobia, the irrational fear of tazerdrones, is being studied in a multimillion dollar partnership with the DHS Fusion Center, near the Target Northern Campus. Fear of tazerdrones is troubling to law enforcement because it’s not rational to think we’ll ever be able to develop or afford this type of technology in the United States.

Tazerdronophobia in the United States reached epidemic levels in 2016, in response to one Hillary Clinton Superpac, which spent over a million dollars giving opportunity to little girls to crybully, gender shame, and otherwise “correct” Bernie Sander’s supporters.

The moral of all of these stories? When a tragedy happens in Minnesota, it spreads panic, terror, and death around the world.

Philando Castille was killed by a bad cop with bad training. Justine Damond was killed by a bad cop with bad training. One walked. The jury made a decision based on the evidence, how they felt about the officer, and how they felt about the victim. In the case of Justine Damond, it’s widely reported that she was yoga teacher and a beacon of light. Officer Noor is a black man, accused of harming a white woman.

Both victims have the same lawyer. Assuming they will arrive at the same cash settlement, the Minnesota Mindhive has achieved its two primary goals, equality and equity.

Both families have lost a loved one and both are going to get a bullshit cash award in return.

Check Your Parasite Stress

Anyone who’s read my other articles will be happy to know that I am finally ready to get to the fucking point.

    1. Everyone has biases. When we’re dealing with too much complexity and stress we make shortcuts. Those shortcuts are sometimes deadly.
    2. People are messy and gross.  We can’t work these things out with pretty, clean, correct words.  We need to get messy together respectfully and work it out. Silencing and shaming people for universal natural human behavior is getting us nowhere.
    3. Using disgust derogation to dehumanize and otherize the people we disagree with is spiraling us into a global catastrophe.
    4. As stress increases we are more willing to let the human rights of “others” fall wayside.

No matter what anyone thinks or says, Men are Human Beings. The trial of Mohamed Noor is going to put the U.S. Criminal Justice System on Trial. If there is one thing a system hates, it’s being put on trial.  Mohamed Noor deserves a fair trial even if it pops the comfortable bubble that protects the feelers of white women in the United States.



Please share these public service announcements and save lives.

Public Service Announcement #1

Parasite Stress causes child harm. Record mouse plague in Australia is driving abuse.

This can be stopped, please spread the word to Australian media.

You’re stressed, discuss it with your spouse, get help.


Public Service Announcement #2

The Duluth Model of Gynocentric Abuse does not stop violence, but it does take lives.  

It is the number one known cause of suicide whose real victims are the women and children that are left behind.


Public Service Announcement #3

In 2015, white women and university students threw rocks and screamed at police.  This has continued and Minneapolis police are under a lot of stress. 

White women and university students: Minneapolis Police live in fear of you.

Please share in Minneapolis and save lives.

Women have a known social bias that underestimates the stress men experience.

This bias check might save your life.

Click the video or see AVFM for the answer.

And please remember, the police in the United States can kill you, with near impunity, if they are stressed.


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