Virginians Tell the Children ‘No’

It’s a year until the mid-term elections of 2022.  Will Democrats learn?  This past Tuesday, voters in Virginia, New Jersey and Minneapolis sent them a very clear message.  Are they listening?  We’ll know soon enough.  After all, Democrats in Congress are still fighting among themselves over infrastructure and reconciliation.  So far, that fight has seen …

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An Uncivil War

Left-wing thinking effectively blanks out the real distinctions between representative government and totalitarian dictatorship. – Roger Scruton, Fools, Frauds and Firebrands   There is a growing consensus among conservative writers and many individual citizens that America has descended into a condition of virtual civil war. It is not, or not yet, characterized by military confrontations …

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The left’s Great Lie is a pervasive threat to our culture

“The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world,” wrote George Orwell in a 1943 essay, Looking Back on the Spanish War. “Lies will pass into history.” A truer thing was never said about the current omnipresence of the Lie. Of course, everybody lies. That the vast majority of politicians lie, almost as …

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