Monday Roundup for 22 July 2013

Howdy y’all. This week we’re going to be exploring a subject that’s been important to A Voice for Men since it began: Men Going Their Own Way. There has developed a perception in the last couple of years of a big divide between Men’s Human Rights Activists and Men Going Their Own Way, but from our perspective that has always been a strong and artificial divide, especially since MGTOW grew straight out of old-school MRA circles and was considered an MRA point of view! We’ll be publishing a lot on that this week, so stay tuned.

Now, before I even get you a full TWO WEEKS of cool stuff you may have missed here on AVfM, I thought I’d mention, as we did earlier today, that there is to be a planned outage–repeat, planned outage–of AVfM tomorrow morning (that would be, Wednesday morning) at 5:30am Central Time. AVfM should be down for an hour or less on the front page and forums. Do not panic. It shall return. There’s just a problem with the hard drive and some other things that require minor surgery and some updates that require a restart. With any luck most of you will never even notice.

So it also happened that in the craziness last week a Monday Roundup was canceled. But that’s OK, this just means you get two, two, TWO weeks in just ONE update! How much more can you ask for?

But wait, there’s more! Before we get to some cool stuff right here on AVfM, there’s a few things going on off of AVfM you might want to check out. AVfM Contributing Editor Karen Straughan (aka Girl Writes What) recently was asked by Men’s Rights Edmonton to reply to a public piece trashing the recent “Don’t Be That Girl.” She did so, in Troy Media, and a thorough trashing of those who didn’t see the truth in Men’s Rights Edmonton’s satire it was. She might have placed more emphasis on the reality of female sex predators but hey, whaddya want for nothing?

Also, we’ve been continuing to follow the story of Mark Halburn in Putnam Count West Virginia, where the court system seems to regularly make a mockery of the very idea of “rule of law” and much more about “rule of crony judges.” We’ll be printing a longer piece on Halburn’s victimization by both the family courts and the West Virginia Supreme Court, but there are ongoing updates about it on PutnamLive, and it appears that the legal journal West Virginia Record has noticed some of the same things we have. I once joked that when cousins marry in West Virginia they issue the progeny a robe and gavel. I am increasingly wondering if that’s really too cruel to say to the offspring of cousins.

Finally, in other off-site news, AVfM’s respected forum and front page contributor Victor Zen has new web site full of geeky MHRA-friendly goodness. Go check it out.

Here’s materials on AVfM itself you don’t want to miss:

First off, kicking off our Men Going Their Own Way theme this week is a must-read article by Peter Wright entitled A Voice for Men: MGTOW-Central. Note that Peter’s been MGTOW for more than 10 years. Has he noticed something some newer MGTOWs haven’t?

Also, Andy Thomas asks Why are men opting out of relationships?. Like many, Andy used to think there was an MHRA/MGTOW divide. He came to realize it’s really two sides of the same coin: a rejection of gynocentrism and a rational rejection of a mindset and culture that treats men and boys like disposable sub-humans. While in a much more humorous vein, Diana Davison has a highly witty piece about what happened when a group of Feminists went to MGTOWN.

But that’s not all, so stay tuned, there’s a LOT more on MGTOW–in history, in science, in philosophy–to come to our pages this week.

In the last two weeks we also saw tragedy, as despite the best efforts of countless MHRAs including Girl Writes What, JTO, myself, Typhonblue, Robert O’Hara and the news team, and step-up volunteers Scott Kelly, Scott Stoley, and Sean Campbell, the vile Mary Kellett was let off the hook and given a ridiculous wrist-slap by gutless “Justice” Ellen Gorman of Maine. Vladek Filler, who is likely only one of Mary Kellett’s victims, gave an impassioned statement about it and then spoke to A Voice for Men About this tragedy.

We pledge not to let Mary Kellett be forgotten, nor her obviously incompetent and almost certainly corrupt boss Carletta Bossano.

Diana Davison was not surprised by the result given how the system works. But you know what? We’ve only just begin shedding light on these things. For example:

Hi there Angela Corey! We just noticed you, and aren’t you just the cutest little thing? We can’t wait to get to know you better. This is going to be so much fun!

Speaking of legal fun, a hate group in Edmonton calling itself SAVE tried to threaten us. Our answer was to tell them and their legal team to go fuck themselves.

Also in legal news, AVfM took little notice of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin saga while it was ongoing but the unstoppable August Løvenskiolds noticed some unstated prejudices in that saga that he opts to state plainly. It may make some people uncomfortable but it looks to have more truth to it than a lot of people would like to admit. And attorney RK Hendrick (author of How to Avoid Getting Screwed While Getting Laid, was recently aghast as a retired prosecutor, defense attorney, and judge at indefensible behavior by a female police officer.

In the middle of all this, you may have missed that we recently brought on board Anil Kumar as our Indian news director.

As if all that weren’t enough, the crew over at Men’s Rights Edmonton have been very, very naughty boys. So shameful, so awful. They actually had the temerity to attack misandrist, bigoted, hateful “anti-rape” posters (from a group that’s pretty obviously pro-rape since it’s where they make their money) with satire posters that parodied them. I mentioned telling some of the critics to fuck off, but I think nobody gave a better tear-apart and breakdown of the rape hysterics’ bigotry than that judgy, bitchy Janet Bloomfield: Let’s talk about those rape posters is probably the definitive defense of the satire and flaying of the original hate-posters they were put up in response to you’ll ever read.

For a more scholarly take on the false rape culture (and the destruction it causes), you should also not miss Della Burton’s analysis of just how bad feminist double-standards on rape really is. Or her analysis of how those parodied rape posters really were are all about the money and marginalizing male victims–and that’s not hyperbole. Although, not to be outdone, Girl Writes What had her own masterful jiu-jitsu takedown of the hateful hysterics. Oh, does anyone but me notice just how many women have come out of the woodwork to speak eloquently, passionately, and knowledgeably on this issue? Yeah. The monopoly of the Gender Ideologues on things like this isn’t over just because of men, it’s because of women like this.

Della also helps remind the rape hysteria set just how serious false allegations can be by recounting Seven years in hell. Do these people have no humanity, no souls?

These are women who, as Jim Doyle notes, appear to be a part of a growing trend of women who are tired of Damseling as a lifestyle choice.

But of course it’s not just women’s voices speaking out. We sure wish more men would have their balls. In fact, JTO rips us all a new one for our indifference in the face of systemic corruption, both political and legal. It seems we’re all content to wait for someone else to fix it while we chow down on our cheese covered wacky fries watching the big game. When will men wake up and understand, that when the guy next to you on the firing line goes down, you’re next.

Nationally noted American poet and critic Dan Schneider recently joined our roster of contributors with Cancer, prostates, and heroes: and by the way, have you bitten the bullet and gotten yours checked? I have. Meanwhile, sportswriter Ty Henry has noticed the selective silence of sports media on violent women.

JTO, as usual, rocks the house by examining how shame is used as a weapon of compliance, and how to stop letting it be used against you, while Lucian Vâlsan says the European Union is stamping out economic freedom by giving in to Gender Ideologues.

In more personal matters, Phil in Utah recently helped his grandfather to die with dignity, and has thoughts on how to help a man do just that.

Gonzo Historian Robert St. Estephe has been working overtime lately and has returned with a story that will seem very familiar to many fathers today: in 1936 William H. W. Evans was jailed for kidnapping his daughter based on accusations by his ex-wife; he went on a hunger strike to protest as he had a written agreement to share custody. The only difference to today? That written agreement actually mattered to the Judge. Gosh, you mean family court judges once actually enforced written contracts and orders in men’s favor? What a wonderful era that must have been.

Robert also notes the reality that there have been women who acted honorably and with courage all along. Why does history forget them? No matter, Robert won’t let it.

Robert also continues his project to educate people away from the myth that female serial killers are particularly odd. Although it’s chilling and sickening, Death on the baby farm will help us keep the evil that women are capable of in the public conscience. (By the way did you know women commit the majority of everyday child abuse? Yeah you’d never know it to read the headlines these days would you?)

But it’s all different now, isn’t it? I mean, only some women keep slaves, right?

By the way, with all the other craziness was going around us, we also missed this little feast of pleasure by Janet Bloomfield, so please don’t miss Fuck you, Amanda Marcotte. (Just a side note, can you say “fuck you” to Amanda Marcotte often enough? I don’t think you can, but I suppose it’s possible. I think we should all endeavor to test that hypothesis, don’t you?)

Speaking of that postering campaign by those very bad wicked boys and girls at Men’s Rights Edmonton, Robert O’Hara and James Huff held a radio show inviting feminists to come and give their perspective on it in an open and robust debate where they would have ample room to make their points. They didn’t appear to show but, Robert O’Hara noticed something peculiar that leads us to believe a whole lot of them were there, and just didn’t have the guts to say anything useful. That would be such a surprise.

John Hembling also wondered why Edmonton’s Karen Smith would lie. I think maybe if you read some of what Della wrote about that I linked above, you’d have some clue why Edmonton’s Karen Smith might lie her ass off… for a living.

So much has happened in the last two weeks it’s hard to remember that Australia’s vile Prime Minister, Julia GIllard, was fired. You know things are hopping when in barely a month’s time you’ve forgotten the thrilling news that a hatemongering ideologue and idiot who led one of the world’s greatest countries got ousted. So just to help you remember to keep celebrating, and to remind you that some of the paint-by-numbers responses were predictable, Jim Muldoon absolutely skewered those who find Julia Gillard’s ousting was ominous. No it wasn’t, you hateful ideologues, it was auspicious.

If you’re tired of politics, Jared White had some great observations on on Superman, Lois Lane, Ripley from the Alien series, and more. As someone who was actually around in the 1980s, I’m astonished by how far we’ve gone downhill since back then.

By the way, did I mention that we might want to test the hypothesis that it’s impossible to say “fuck you” to Amanda Marcotte too often? I think we might want to test it on Jessica Valenti too. August Løvenskiolds didn’t exactly say it, but he skewered the dumbass sellout dimwit pretty damned well anyway.

Well this roundup’s getting long enough, so I’m going to close it out by telling you not to forget our terrific video section chock full of goodies, note once again that there’s always plenty of interesting listening on A Voice for Men Radio, and oh, by the way, after that whole two weeks? welcome home Paul Elam. With two weeks this damned exciting, maybe you should vacation more often.

See you all in 7!

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