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Dockers Ad Campaign a Good Fit, With Some Alterations

“We can thank Levi Strauss & Co. for a new Dockers ad campaign that weaves sexism and homophobia into a pitch for pants,” says The Boston Herald’s Lauren Beckham Falcone. Similar sentiments are being echoed in print media across the nation and scathing condemnations have gone viral on the internet, particularly on feminists websites. “It’s time …

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Supermom, Supermyth

Women often lament the state of their modern identity. Every woman is expected to be Wonder Woman; the successful professional, harlot and homemaker for their husbands; the perfect mom, heroine to the children they bear. They are victims of dichotomous demands that pull them in different directions and that sometimes threaten to pull them apart. …

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VAWA- Corrupt Law and Joe Biden’s Abusive Sister

The Associated Press recently reported that on Tuesday, September 29th women’s groups gathered at the home of Vice President Joe Biden to celebrate the 15th anniversary of The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), legislation authored by then Senator Biden aimed at ending violence against women. The party also signaled an opening day of sorts, as …

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Most of the mental health related “helping professions” e.g., psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists and counselors, have a code of ethics that guides their professional conduct. They are sworn, supposedly at the risk of their professional licenses, to follow the ethical mandates of that code in regard to how they conduct their practices and in their …

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APA- Virginia Tech Was a ‘Guy Thing’

On April 16th, 2007 Seung-Hui Cho went on a shooting rampage at Virginia Polytechnic and State University killing 32 people, committing the deadliest incident of its kind in American history. In the aftermath, as the nation struggled for answers, fingers were pointed everywhere, mostly at campus security failures and gun control. Though many would agree …

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Yawning at Hofstra

And that is precisely what men are becoming. They are like dumb animals that wander onto the super highway of gender politics, unable to grasp the concept of speed and Mac Trucks. After getting hit, the ones who don’t get squashed flat simply limp off to the shoulder, covering their pain with a smile and saying, “Please, ma’am, may I have another?”

Men, Math and Marriage

I know that some of you are thinking, “Oh, that will never happen to me.” All I can say is that more than half of you are deluding yourselves, and the rest of you have no reliable way to know just how lucky you will be. For those who maintain that adolescent sense of invulnerability, such admonitions will fall on deaf ears. Never underestimate the power of denial.