Man thrown from moving train by police for boarding women’s car

Recently I posted videos of men in India being physically assaulted by women for boarding a “women only,” train car, because other cars were full, while police supervised the beatings.  At the time it seemed to me like the shocking display of women’s and police brutality against men epitomized the extreme degree of misandry that has come to grip that country.

I was wrong.

An AVfM reader just forwarded a news story to me from The India Times.  According to train passenger, Bishnu Basak, he boarded the train at Samudragarh Station in a hurry as it was leaving, not realizing that he was entering a women only car.

According to the news story a constable for the government railway police confronted Basak, demanded to know what he was doing in the women’s car, confiscated his ticket, and threw him from the moving train. Locals rushed him to a nearby hospital from where he was moved to the SSKM Hospital. He was then shifted to the Sambhunath Pandit Hospital where he is now admitted.

It is hard, even after years of writing on men’s issues, to convey the heinousness of this incident.  The only thing that comes to mind in comparison is the story of James Byrd, Jr., who was drug to his death in Jasper, Texas behind a pickup truck after his ankles were wrapped in logging chain in 1998.

Basak lived, but the constable that threw him off the train had no way of knowing he would survive.  And while authorities in India have promised an investigation, it will likely not be the same kind that happened after Byrd was murdered.

It is clear, beyond any conceivable notion of error, that this incident is a result of a culture of government sanctioned, no, promoted, violence against men in India. I will summarily dismiss, in advance, any notion that this was just an isolated incident and not sparked by the pervasive mentality of government authorities that men are legitimate targets for unjustified abuse on the supposed behalf of women.

Watch the video if you have any doubts.

We are rapidly moving toward a definition of Gender War that will exceed even the most outrageous fantasies of the conspiracy obsessed.  And you will only hear about it on sites like AVfM because the American media is still more concerned with selling tampons and douche than in informing the American people.

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