Are you waging a war on men?

A casual skimming of headlines provides a clear and horrifying picture.

A Father, shot by his child’s mother is barred by the court from seeing his son. The mother, who shot the boy’s father and grandmother is allowed continued access[1].

Are you already constructing an excuse for her in your mind?

An Australian woman burns her husband to death and walks free[2]. The judge cites their past abusive relationship as excuse.

The dictum of eye-for-and-eye is the brutal, retributive system of law exhorted in the old testament, I am continuously startled when modern courts call on the sadistic edicts of the god of the desert. But is that what the Australian court is doing deliberately? Or are we witnessing a legal system adrift of its moorings, and blown in whatever whimsical direction will placate the public’s indulgence of victim-feminism’s endless screeching for male blood?

In Canada, a woman who woke her sleeping husband by stabbing him to death walked free after her defence lawyer pointed out during the trial that “Of course she had other options” but that she was drunk at the time[3].

She was also female, so a violent history between The killer killer and her murdered husband was used to excuse making a choice to stab him to death.

Go ahead and read that again. Her lawyer admitted during the trial that she had options besides murder, and she still walked free.

Ligia Filler[4] is the violently insane ex wife of Vladek Filler, this man the latest political sacrifice on the mountain of corpses that corrupt Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellet is building her career on. Ligia, when picked up in the street by Maine Police, screeching, semi-nude, and unhinged threatened the attending officers with murder and dismemberment, then cackled while promising the murder of her estranged husband Vladek.

A man exhibiting this behaviour would have been shot. The Assistant D.A. Kellet suppressed the recording along with other evidence of Mr. Filler’s innocence. In fact, Kellet pursued the fraudulent case of rape against Mr Filler with such enthusiasm and disregard for the law that his conviction, obtained without physical evidence, was thrown out for prosecutorial misconduct. Having learned just how much lying is over the top, Kellet has dialled her witch-hunt down just enough to not be thrown out on the second try, and is dragging the innocent Vladek Filler through the brutalizing process again.

Nobody seems to mind except for a tiny handful of foolish and idealistic individuals who think the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, and Rule of Law still means something in a post Bush America.

Maybe you too think the rule of law has some meaning – if so, sign the petition to investigate and disbar Mary Kellett

Against the backdrop of exemption from any female legal accountability, an American comedian was recently sentenced to 60 days in jail for producing a satirical video – edited to simulate his recitation of a sexually explicit song to a classroom of small children[5]. Note, that this man did not actually sing sexually explicit lyrics to children, his comedy video was edited to simulate that effect. He’s now serving jail time for his “crime” and is a registered sex offender. Taken to a logical conclusion, every actor who’s ever portrayed a violent crime should immediately stand trial and go to jail. Unless the actors are women, of course.

So-called “Men’s Rights Activists” write articles and letters – and circulate petitions in pursuit of human rights, all while clinging to an ethic on nonviolence. What a bunch of fools. The war against men is rapidly becoming a shooting war, the bodies are piling up, and the courts collude in the violence.

Men are jailed for producing off-colour comedy, and women are excused for murder. This is where we sit right now. Western law is transforming under the pressure of feminist lobbying into an instrument of apartheid.

Metropolitan police departments are now publicly encouraging mob violence against men not indicted, or convicted, but merely accused of rape.[6][7] Victim advocates reading the preceding statement will shriek that women don’t lie about rape.

This is a common dogma of the religion of female victimhood, and it’s so dishonest and absurd that anyone regurgitating it should be understood and identified as an advocate of jailing men and destroying families on false changes. False rape accusation is a for-profit blood-sport it’s apologists need to be publicly named for the tyrants and fascists they really are.

When western civil society wakes up to the fact that half the population are subject to systems of law which criminalize males by biological identity, but do not protect them from violence and murder, a new, brutal public ethic will emerge, in which the demographic now pedestalized and protected from accountability will become the target of widespread violence.

The stupid, shrill, and ideologically driven feminist Kool-Aid drinkers pushing for ever more absurd protections for the biological demographic already legally and socially supreme, are likely to become public targets of retribution.

This must be stated clearly, because critics of my argument will seize on a prediction of violence and characterize that prediction as threat. I regard violence as a bad outcome to be avoided, I abhor its use, and I definitely don’t call for it.

But it’s coming.

And the only people trying to stop it before we reach a point of improvised public executions, burning legislature buildings and lamp posts decorated with freshly hung corpses are being routinely and falsely accused of violent criminality by the ideologues pushing for this terrible, brutal outcome.

The unintentional comedy here is that if we step back from this, just dial back to a potential moment before civil society looses it’s collective shit, we do not find ourselves in a world of female supremacy and male subjugation. What we find before the point of societal tribulation is a nightmare world of universal human subjugation – the Orwellian police state.


[addendum: Women are as violent or more violent than men in relationships]

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