Game – zeta style: Part 1, what and why

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen visiting the MGTOW message boards, I see many proclamations of celibate splendor. I see many more gasps of frustration at striking out with a woman or being mistreated by one. That all leads me to believe that there is at least some scattered interest in how to reconcile biological urges within MGTOW and Zeta concepts. The call to avoid all women in all circumstances is both loud and unfortunate because no fundamental aspect of life should be addressed solely by self-denial.

This is not an endorsement for PUA procedures. I know little to nearly nothing about them and see no need to even to familiarize myself with them. Beyond the concepts that are all over the media, I have no sense of their utility, unless it is to make you look like a pussy begging clown. Rather this is intended to point out the side effects of the red pill that positively affect how typical women regard Zetas to a greater or lesser extent. This is also not an attempt to redirect a Zeta’s focus back to pussy. It is, however, recognition that many men, even after they ingest the red pill, may retain a gnawing sense of undeserved inadequacy that draws them into flashbacks of the blue pill world. The good news is that was then and this is now.

Whopper Question: Why would a Zeta even want Game?

Best answer is for whatever reason that he decides. Who is so well placed that he can tell a Zeta what he should or should not want? Besides Zeta Game is not something you acquire with misspent energy. It accumulates as a result of legitimate self-exploration and increased understanding of one’s surroundings.

What does a Zeta need to do to be more attractive?

He needs to look around himself and recognize that he already is. Not as easy as it seems. Ninety-Nine percent of any man’s interactions with women are on the pubic level where you will be considered a generic “man” and the proper recipient of any hostility that she may wish to dispense. One percent of the time, you are operating on the private level; the level where she accepts or rejects you as an individual rather than as a franchise of Man, Inc. The change occurs entirely within this sliver of your interactions. Very easy to overlook and disregard.

Level One: The Ninety Nine Percent.

Level One interactions are the teller at the bank, the ER nurse, the bookstore cashier etc. Most of the women you cross paths with during a normal day. Forget about them. To them you are just background filler. It doesn’t matter if you have a billion dollars, a build like Charles Atlas or are in the Aga Khan’s inner circle. You are a random man and therefore beneath notice; representing slime, sludge and all manner of villainy as you do. The most probable outcomes range from neutral to irate. Usually her goal is to disengage as fast as she can.

One mistake that many men make is that they use Level One interactions gone bad as evidence that they are unattractive to women. The sales girl who went hysterical was just lashing out at the patriarchy that you embody. No Level One exchange is an indicator of your attractiveness. Either she was paid to be nice to you or felt unrestrained in abusing you. Neither amounts to anything.

From what I have seen of “day game” on television, you are supposed to latch on and try to make something of these interactions. The theory is that if you force enough approaches you can reduce your level of shame. Reducing shame is all well and good but, honestly, who wants to do that? Ehh… piss on it.

Level Two: Where it’s at.

The willingness to meet you or anyone at Level Two is entirely random and unilateral. This could possibly be the origin of The Numbers Game Theory. Level Two attention can be further subdivided into three boxes: I’m Wet, Let’s Just Be Friends (LJBF), and Eww, Ick (EI). What going Zeta does is re-allocate the number of incidents in the three boxes. EI tends to stay constant. Zeta, however, shifts a few LJBF into the I’m Wet box. For example, say the blue pill allocation is 0, 5, 5 – typical. Post red pill it becomes maybe, 2, 3, 5.  A tiny percentage, easily missed, but in practicality the difference is enormous. That means instead of none there are TWO girls out there who want to bang you on a given day. It is just a matter of knowing they are there and giving them the green light.

Zetas are all different but they tend to adopt several of the same attributes. It just so happens that women find those attributes attractive. As a Zeta progresses toward his own destiny these attributes become more pronounced and more attractive. I’ll get into specifics in the next article. For now, it is enough to note that going Zeta, all by itself, helps one’s relations with women. You have to do NOTHING for the result to manifest itself.

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