O.K., so you want to get laid? Here’s how you do it. Smell clean, get in the proximity of women, and then ignore them. When they come to fuck you, and they will, shut up and let it happen.

Sorry, but there is little else to it. Women are wired to respond to men who walk with enough self-confidence and involvement in their own lives that they don’t need to invest any energy into bagging girls. They attract women naturally.

There now, I just told you in 80 words (and could have cut it to 50) everything anyone ever needed to know about scoring.

Unfortunately the great majority of men have a really difficult time getting this, largely because they don’t have any real confidence to project, and it shows at its most glaring every time they get in the presence of women.  The big problem here is that indifference can only be feigned so much by a lot of men, which is why we have PUA’s out there in abundance teaching men how to jump through hoops trying to get women’s attention (read: pussy begging) and move in for the score.

It’s a tad ironic, isn’t it, that in a culture where women are slinging ass like free hydro at a Pink Floyd concert, that we have men out here actually selling the idea that getting laid is an “art”?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against the high profile PUA’s and Gamers. I also have a healthy respect for people who can sell designer lint removers when a patch of masking tape and some common sense will work just as well.  But it has to be said, must be said, that both of these kinds of sales people are targeting a similar demographic; ignorant, gullible customers. And I have to admit, making a living at that could be called an art, and probably should.

I think in a way those guys do us a lot of good, though I wish I could say the same for their followers. The MRM, something they sometimes like to take pot shots at (it’s that alpha dog thing), actually benefits from their work.  I look at it this way. AVfM is a good place to go for Gamers and PUA’s once they get some whiskers and disabuse themselves of the misguided notion that getting laid is something you need to work at. Overcoming their denial can be tricky, though. The conversation usually goes something like this.


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MRA: Man, you don’t need to do all that work to get laid.

PUA: But hell man, I get PUSSY!

MRA: I heard you. I am just saying that all the work isn’t worth it.

PUA: What do you mean, not worth it? Man, I get PUSSY!

MRA: Well, yeah, sure, but what I meant to say was that you don’t need to do all that chasing.

PUA: The more I chase, the more PUSSY I get!

MRA: Don’t you think a one track mind on sex can be dangerous? I mean, given the times?

PUA: Man, you’re never going to get any PUSSY talking like that!



Not much to work with, is it?  And I am not really suggesting that anyone try. The men that end up here after being introduced to the Manosphere via PUA and Game sites don’t need to be fished out of the cesspool.  They tend to walk out of it on their own, as would anyone who would not be Gamed by Gamers forever.

But the ones that remain, and make it a lifestyle, are just too enslaved to imagine red pill freedom, and likely not bright enough to learn what it means. They are literally institutionalized by their own desires and cannot imagine setting foot outside the city limits of Snatchville. The unquestionable black hole that exists in all these men is the place that should have held their core values and self respect.

Anyone who attempts to make an art form of passing a shit test has only succeeded in eating said shit and advertising themselves to the world as a shit eater (Yes, I know, but you get PUSSY!). Too bad such unfortunates seem oblivious to the fact that refusing to even participate in a shit test will have the same effect as passing one, except that it might help to eventually hook you up with a woman slightly less likely to yell rape the first time she gets pissed at you, or cut off your dick when you’re asleep.

And anyone who believes in tossing negs, concocted for the purpose of aiding in the score, only does so because they don’t realize that living by values that you don’t retreat from, one of them being that your self-respect is worth more than time in a common vagina, is the best neg you could ever hope to toss. But hey, if you like begging, eating shit and life with no values, The Chateau has room for you.

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