AVfM Radio tonight: Rape Hysteria!


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Tonight, on AVfM Radio we are back after a week off with a long awaited show on Rape Hysteria.  JtO will join me, with Dr. T on the phones for an examination of false rape culture and the victim histrionics that surround the crime of rape as opposed to other violent crimes in this culture.

As part of the show tonight I am going to do a revised monologue based on my rape essay, “The Scourge of Rape, Yeah, Whatever.”  That is one particular barn burner that I wanted available for download at BTR. It’s one that belongs in the archives there.

I am also going to be doing a short question and answer with JtO himself, who is appearing tonight, by the way, on prime time Canadian network television on a show called, “The Arena,” with Michael Coren. JtO is representing, you guessed it, A Voice for Men!

So you want to be sure to tune in tonight for details about that, as well as the other goodies we have in our basket.

Oh, and just so everyone is prepared. This is going to be a show that really pushes the envelope, so to speak. So you might want to have your laptops fired up and ready to defend us. We are pulling out all the stops. And brothers, that isn’t hype. We are going to get THAT close to the truth.

See you tonight!



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