Choice for Men; Compassion for Men

As some of you already know, something called “The Ultimate Men’s Summit,” is set to launch and will run from June 10th through June 19th of this month.  It is being billed as “the largest men’s telesummit in history.”

And it is using other verbiage to imply representation of the men’s movement.

Despite the presence of some visionaries like Robert Bly and Warren Farrell, the “summit” is largely populated with the names of men more commonly known for their misandry and derogation of men and boys.

If you look on their schedule you will see names like Michael Kimmel, Gay Hendricks and Arjuna Ardaugh.

And you will also see their unmistakable fingerprints in the core of the conference description, as follows:

The 5,500-year history of domination and control is coming to an end, and it’s clear we need a new model to replace it. Men seem to be caught between these two worlds: the old culture for which we’ve been trained, and the emerging culture we have yet to be prepared for.

This statement is an abomination. It is a hateful anchor chain wrapped around the necks of all men and boys and the forces behind this conference seek to add shackles to that chain for a future of abject servitude along the lines proposed by Hanna Rosin in “The End of Men.”

We must respond to this with force and vigor, and thankfully the organizers of the summit have provided us with the opportunity to do just that.

They are taking live calls throughout the event.

I respectfully submit that every man and woman who supports this website should be registered for the event (it is free) and plan to call in.

The only question is what to say when we call. The answer, in my opinion, is simple.

My suggestion is not to allow them the luxury of our justified anger; they will only use it to make a case that we are regressive traditionalists creating a backlash against change for men and against women’s rights.

We all know the truth is totally different. Feminism is socially and legally enforced chivalry, the ultimate in male and female gender roles.

We are the ones breaking out of the mold and moving into the new age. We are the ones putting an end to oppressive gender roles. So I suggest that is what we let them know, and that we point out to them exactly why they are nothing more than a continuation of the old paradigm, enforced with shame and bullets.

Let us challenge them by asking where, in all their “enlightened” concepts of masculinity, is there any mention of…

Choice for Men; Compassion for Men.

Where, in their supposed advocacy for ending gender roles, is there any work toward choice for men; in reproduction, in parenting, in taking dangerous jobs to subsidize the lives of women, in being able to defend themselves from female violence?

Where, in their supposed advocacy for ending gender roles, is there any work toward compassion for men; in the courts, in the workplace; in domestic violence; in paternity fraud; in false allegations of abuse and rape; in the social misandry that pervades our culture?

In the misandry they are furthering with their summit.

Where is the choice? Where is the compassion?

And ask them how they can pretend to talk about a new kind of masculinity, adapting to modern realities, if there is no discussion of these things; if, indeed, there is not even any acknowledgement that these problems exist.

I encourage everyone to participate; to be earnestly polite but clearly firm; to not accept brushoff answers and to call again and again to speak to as many presenters as possible.

It is our campaign, that of Choice and Compassion for Men, in the only real men’s movement for an end to gender roles that ever existed, and it is critical that we let them know that.

We need to repeat those words, in the midst of their conference, like a sacred mantra.

Choice for Men; Compassion for Men.

Please follow the link and read what is on their agenda. Please call them and ask, over and over again about Choice and Compassion for men.

And ladies, this is your chance to let them know what the MRM is made of. If you believe in Choice and Compassion for Men, please call and tell them.

I will be calling them myself, from home, and live from the radio show.

Do not let our movement be usurped, co-opted, diluted and misrepresented. Let everyone listening to this conference know what is happening here and why we are out here, fighting the fight.

It’s a golden opportunity insert the truth where it appears not to be wanted.

When it comes to registering and committing to this activism, can I please get a “done” in the comments?

Thank you.


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