It is now seriously suggested that women’s prisons close

Great Britain is about to lend new meaning to the pussy pass.

At least, that is the recommendation in a report issued by the Women’s Justice Task Force which has concluded that offering healthcare services, housing and drug abuse treatment to female criminals is better than holding them to the same standards of punishment to which they hold men.

In other words, they are about to eliminate the sentencing disparity that already favors women over men in the UK’s criminal justice system by just eliminating incarceration for women altogether.  The British Ministry of Justice has roundly accepted the report and is “carefully considering the recommendations.” It has also been endorsed by other police officials.

Lest anyone think that such a blatantly discriminatory and sexist policy is beyond the tolerance of the government and the British public, it should be noted that it was only last year that British judges were recommended to issue lighter sentences to women offenders, regardless of their offense. That recommendation was issued by the Equal Treatment Bench Book, published by the Judicial Studies Board (JSB).

Yes, that is correct, the the Equal Treatment Bench Book recommended that half the population, based solely on sex, should get lighter sentences for the same crimes than the other half.

It raised very few eyebrows and is now standard practice. And it looks like the policy is about to grow like a tumor.

The message here to female criminals is clear. Do whatever you want, you will not get punished. Indeed, you will be rewarded.  Need a food allowance? Assault someone.  Want to move into new digs? Kill your husband.  Hurt someone, steal from them, lie about your husband or boyfriend in court, embezzle money from your company, sell drugs to school children (then make videos of them having sex), molest your children, drown them in a bathtub or just put out cigarettes on them out of frustration when your favorite TV show gets cancelled.

Then, when you stand before a judge and get admonished for your depraved actions, tell him to go fuck himself. Tell him you will molest his children and put out cigarettes on them. Tell him you will laugh like Ligia Filler and do a victory dance when you do it because there is nothing he can do.

There won’t be a prison he can send you to, so he will have to throw the book at you by giving you more housing, healthcare, education and other perks.

It should be a boon for organized crime. They can enlist women into their organizations; give them direct responsibility for committing the actual crimes that earn the mob its living. When they get out of line have hardened women beat them with clubs, torture and kill them in order to maintain power and control. How’s that for equality?  The mob will operate in almost untouchable glory.

After all, when the police make an arrest, what are they going to do to make these women roll and give up their bosses, threaten them with more housing?

Are you a terrorist outfit seeking to bring harm and havoc to the British government? Ramp up the training for female Jihadists! They will be able to bomb, assassinate and even use WMD with impunity.

Its all part of the plan to make things more equal in Great Britain.

The day this policy passes and women’s prisons are actually torn down, and the country enters an age where female criminality becomes part of government qualification for the issuance of state benefits, it will be also be the same day that I implement a change in editorial policy for this website.

It will be the official policy of AVfM, which has a healthy readership in England, to support vigilante justice. I repeat, it will be the policy of AVfM to encourage British citizens to take the law into their own hands and punish female offenders themselves, outside the scope of British law.

When government forces justice into the hands of the average citizen, then the governments right to establish rules for punishment is defunct. Any government that robs the people of justice creates a de facto judiciary in the capricious and unpredictable hands of the masses.

And all the masses will need to do is train female vigilantes to execute their wishes, because the government will be powerless to stop them.

I do not wish this to happen. In fact, were I a praying man I would certainly be on my knees at this moment pleading with The Almighty to help the western world avert such a catastrophe. But in the almost certain event that there is no Divine Intervention, or no sudden reclamation of sanity on the part of the British government, and this policy proposal becomes law, I will do everything in my admittedly limited power to encourage the good people of England to defy it.

By whatever means necessary.

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