The SlutWalk Revelations

During a scheduled safety forum held at Osgoode Hall Law School on Jan. 24

Const. Michael Sanguinetti of the Toronto Police department made the comment:

You know, I think we’re beating around the bush here,  I’ve been told I’m not supposed to say this, however, women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”

Const. Sanguinetti’s remarks were witnessed by Joey Hoffman, a residence fellow and member of the Osgoode student government. Hoffman also noted the safety lecture was sparsely attended by only about 10 people, all of whom where stunned into silence when the officer made the reference to “sluts.”

Const. Sanguinetti later apologized, saying he was “embarrassed” by his remarks.

Hoffman, who witnessed the impolite , but truthful gaffe by Const Sanguinetti also said “I don’t think he was sarcastic or malicious. I think he thought he was being helpful.”  Approximately 1500 protesters, mostly women, marched in Toronto in protest of the officer’s statement in an event named “slutwalk”.

Many people have expressed criticism of the event, I simply call it sham.

Why couldn’t 1500 people gather for a more worthy cause? Why does “Slutwalk” need to be taken seriously as political activism and not called out for the attention-seeking spectacle it really is? How do a bunch of slutty women parading around the streets of Toronto in their slutty clothes educate the public any more about sexual assault? The supposed goal of Slutwalk was to “redefine” the derogatory term and give it a positive spin, while protesting the right of slutty women to wear whatever they please without fear of being raped.

No one should ever be “blamed” (literally) for being raped. Such attitudes have no place in our police force, or society. But there’s also no substitute for good judgment and common sense in how one behaves in public and to pretend this has no relevance to personal safety is dangerous and disingenuous.

Of course, everyone has the “right” to act as they please, within the confines of the law.

But the issue is just because you have the “right” to do something, should you?

Just because a woman ― or man ― has the “right” to dress, talk, or act in ways that may draw unwanted attention to themselves in public, should they?

In that context, it’s obviously unwise for anyone to dress or act inappropriately, or to drink to excess, particularly when alone in unfamiliar surroundings.

Similarly, while we all have the “right” to do it, it’s unwise to stumble down a dark alley, unaccompanied and drunk, waving around a wad of cash.

It’s unwise because you increase your risk of being robbed.

“I believe in women’s SEX-U-ALI-TEEEEE…” yells a Blonde Bimbo waving a sign; her voice getting higher a the end of the sentence, as if to form a question. The speech pattern of an approval seeking child  rather than a grown woman in her twenties. I mention this to underscore the juvenile mind set driving the women at this event.

These girls didn’t really give a fuck about the cop’s remark, in reality they were all simply high off the attention.

“SlutWalk” can be appreciated for the eye candy, if you like slutty, shopworn looking hooker-women,  but isn’t an event to be taken seriously. The so-called “message” of this event got lost somewhere between the bouncing titties.

The slut walk protest is comparable to last year’s “Boob-quake” YouTube meme, which was a response to an Iranian clerk’s dumb-ass remarks about breasts causing Earthquakes. Plenty of large breasted women on YouTube contributed by posting videos of themselves shaking their tits. The “activism” of Boob-quake became unintentionally funny as many of the participants appeared to take themselves seriously. As a male observer to the spectacle, I saw this as a hilarious response to one man’s dumb ass comments, but many of the bouncing and jiggling participants saw themselves as legitimate activists.

“Boob-quake” might have had more impact if that Iranian clerk’s delusional sentiment was the mainstream attitude throughout the world. But it’s not. So let’s all call it for what it really is, another flimsy excuse for attention-seeking whores to show off their goods.

Following my video on the topic of the “slut-walk” sham on youtube, comments from angry feminists started flowing in like a menstrual cycle.

One deep thinker responded with:

“You’ve missed the point entirely of what Slut-walk was all about. It wasn’t a protest to dress as “slutty as possible” it was to abolish the widespread misogynist attitude that it’s a woman’s fault if she gets raped. We teach women to avoid dressing a certain way, not to walk alone late at night, not to be drunk with strangers, to be aware of your surroundings, etc all so we can avoid getting raped. Instead, our culture/society should be teaching men, not to rape women.”

You read that right. God help you all you read it right.

Rather than women living with personal responsibility and accountability – like adults, we just gotta teach men not to rape women.

Feminists appear to have the child-like notion that they can do whatever they please and the world has to adapt to accommodate them.

To anyone drinking this feminist Kool-Aid: Fuck, you’re an idiot. Yeah, bitch, you do have to take personal responsibility. You can do whatever the fuck you please, but don’t expect the rest of us to coddle you. If you wanna get drunk and stoned and pass out in the middle of the street half-naked, don’t cry when something bad happens to you. And don’t expect us to pretend that you didn’t bring it on yourself.

One irate feminist complained about my suggestion that a more useful protest should focus on real issues: like women disappearing on the “Highway of Tears,”.  Her rebuke pointed out that missing aboriginal women were talked about during the event.

Oh no! My entire argument is demolished.

Yeah, right.

Unfortunately this little tidbit about mention of missing women got no media coverage and did nothing to educate the public. Paying lip-service to a serious issue, during an event where the highlight is a bunch of girls marching down the street chanting “WE LOVE SLUTS” sure does society a big fucking service, doesn’t it?

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