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Wow, what a week.  A lot of busy MRA’s in the house. A whole lot happened and you guys kicked some ass.

First things first.  We have recently witnessed the sudden departure of a gentleman, an Otherly guy with a knack for raising collective blood pressures.

Well, he is now facing retributions to affect his livelihood. I can’t (won’t) say more than that. What I will say is that you may feel his ghost around you at any time.

Also importantly, S.A.V.E.  deserves a standing ovation for their recent work related to the Vladek Filler case. They have been leading the charge demanding justice. They started the petition, they lead things with official complaints, provided (costly) press releases and secured excellent guests for the radio show like TJ Ward and Lisa Scott.

I know, I know, we are always asking for money around here, but if you can, please consider putting something in the tip jar over at saveservices.org. They deserve it for what they are doing.

In more business, A Voice for Men is on its way to becoming a 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization dedicated to fighting misandry and anti-male discrimination. More on that in the future.

Also, Dan Moore and I are very close to placing orders for the first round of coffee mugs and t-shirts.  Preview Images and the opportunity to pre-order will be posted within a few days.

The activism continues with your opportunity to write officials in Maine and urge them to seek an end to the prosecution of Vladek Filler.  Bob O’hara with S.A.V.E. has provided us with the contacts for that project so those of you from Maine can let officials know you want them to give Bob an audience in D.C..

The link for the main delegation is http://www.nrcm.org/congressionaldelegation.asp

That being said, we’re going to buckle down and keep covering the New England Nightmare, Mary Kellett. But now we are going to move the focus a little and start addressing some of the more overarching problems in Maine. That means a look at predominant (or primary) aggressor and mandatory arrest laws.

And the more I learn about these laws – and how they create synergy with other anti-male legislation – the more I am convinced that we are headed for a police state.  They are not even pretending that evidence or probable cause matters any more.  In fact, these laws make sure those things are dispensed with altogether.

The next two episodes of A Voice for Men Radio are going to be dedicated to the bigger picture and to helping people understand the magnitude of the assault on constitutional rights that is happening before our eyes.

It will make family law look like a walk in the park before it is over – if we don’t do anything.

Joining us on the 4/12/11 broadcast of A Voice for Men Radio will be guests Robert Franklin of Fathers and Families and a return appearance of Lisa Scott of Taking Action Against Bias in the System.

On 4/19/11 we will be joined by Richard Davis, a law enforcement professional from Boston and expert on primary aggressor and mandatory arrest laws and Dr. Brenda Russell, associate professor of psychology at Penn State Berks.

On 4/26/11 we will return to regular programming with a visit from Dr. T and a discussion on “crazy proofing” your life.  The ever popular Dr. Tara has some good stuff on that.

Also, on 4/14/11, the night before the 99th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic we are going to air a special, irreverent, oh-so-fucking-completely-not ready-for-prime-time look at chivalry in modern times. It is the first Take Back the Knight episode of A Voice for Men Radio and I promise you this one will have something to offend most anyone.



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