Dreamin’ of the Revolution: A Post-Feminist Man Gives the Wheel a Spin

[box]If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine.
– Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara[/box]
With all this talk of revolution I’ve been casting my mind forward to 2020, when some say the misandry bubble will have burst and the male will have regained primacy in society, at least politically. I’m 10 years older, have a nice house, a nice car, good friends, meaningful work. I’ve gone my own way and have no kids, so I have a pile of money that I’ve kept and invested wisely. I’m master of all I care to survey. My thoughts now turn to the burning question on my mind since the bubble began to inflate – who’ll inherit my stuff when I’m gone?

I dream on…the misandry bubble has indeed burst and the revolution is almost complete. Feminism has been officially outlawed world-wide, the Stockholm Declaration that ended it has been signed and feminist leaders and their collaborators have been hunted down, tried and found guilty of crimes against humanity. Julian Assange, the architect of that remarkable document – which effectively turned the country into a Marxist forced labour camp for the world’s hard-core feminists and their enablers – has been endowed by King William V of Great Britain with a new order of chivalry – Knight of the Leaky Wick.
Gender relations around the world are slowly starting to improve. Feminist propaganda is banned on pain of death. There is no internet in Sweden. The time has come for MGTOW to return to the mainstream, find suitable mates and fill the Promised Land with the fruit of their loins.
In this post-revolutionary dream a beautiful young woman, full and fresh with the ripeness of healthy youth has sought refuge in my lands. There are tingles in her loins at twenty paces and her heartbeat races when we touch. Her deep-as-the-sea, hero-worshipping eyes make it clear I must breed with her. Problem is, she was born to Eve but raised by Jezebel, so while her heart is pure she is cursed by the poisoned apple of misandry.
In other words, she has never been taught how to not hate men.
What would I say to her? She has denounced feminism with all her heart and has tearfully prostrated herself before me. She’s begging to be taught. What could I say to her? What words could unravel the steel-threaded cocoon of feminist lies and deceit without killing the soft pink chrysalis inside?
“Fuck off and die, you blood-sucking parasite!”
…thunders A Voice from above, riding shotgun.
“Let’s get you out of those dirty clothes…”
… croons the crimson artist, from le Château dans les nuages.
As tempting as these suggestions would be, I think I’d say something more like this – a sort of post-feminist manifesto for women who survive the disease:
? Don’t be narcissistic. A woman should never think she’s more important than men or children. Marketing departments delight in exploiting most woman’s tendency to think that they are. They promote ‘women’s only’ this and that, and many women buy into it. This appears sexist but it is really a marketing ploy that works because most women are narcissistic. Companies know they can charge more for goods and services by using the words ‘women only’. Narcissistic women are easily exploitable women. Be neither.
? Don’t let others make choices for you. This should be self evident but many women allow themselves to be told what to wear, what to buy, what to eat, how to dress, where to go, how to think – in clubs, gyms, magazines, websites, books, stores and by TV talk show hosts. They seem to have needed a step-by-step guide through life and have behaved like sheep as companies have exploited this ‘need’. Don’t be the same. Don’t swallow the same poison. Don’t tell the same lies. Be a sheep if you must but obey the sheepdog, not the wolf. Better yet, be a woman who can think for herself.
? Get rid of the self-induced schizophrenia. Don’t insist you’re strong, confident, capable and independent one minute, then weak, frightened and vulnerable the next, especially when you’ve been caught doing something wrong. Don’t chop and change your character whenever it suits you – choose one and stick with it.
? Admit when you’ve done something wrong. Don’t suddenly remember that you suffered abuse in the past or have some kind of mental illness or other instability, then use it to get yourself off. If you never sought help for these problems before you were caught, you shouldn’t use them as an excuse afterwards. Be a woman who accepts responsibility for her actions.
? Don’t let the law take responsibility for crimes women commit. Speak out against women routinely receiving shorter sentences than men for the same crimes. If the law punishes women as children, treat them like children and encourage other women to do so, too. Don’t promote use of the victim card by saying ‘she’s suffered enough’ because she’s a woman. Believe in, and stand up for, equal justice regardless of sex.
? Don’t believe everything women, manginas and the media tell you. Many serve up slop by the bucket, like celebrity gossip, slimming tips, sex tips, fantasy stories etc. TV shows like Oprah and Dr Phil are filled with advice on how idiot women can transform themselves into victims and blame everything on men, while constantly ridiculing them. Partake of more nutritious fare than this. Get your infotainment from equitable presenters. Always be aware of the cultural status quo from both perspectives.
? Don’t fake solidarity with other women, especially in public. Don’t pretend that all women are your best friends when everyone knows nothing could be further from the truth. Openly acknowledge the reality that many women despise each other unless there’s personal advantage in not doing so. The prophets of Game have taught post-feminist men how to see through these attempts at deception so your lies will not travel far. Don’t be a liar, especially not an obvious one.

Ernesto Guevara & son (1963)

? Speak out against misandry. The main reason for its proliferation is that good women have remained silent. Silence in the face of misandry is cowardly. It allows loud, obnoxious women to preach hatred with impunity, and this reflects badly on all women. When you speak out against the rubbish some women throw at you about men, you do all women a favour. Don’t be a coward and don’t be silent.
This is the chalice I offer to women who seek my seed. It carries only the brew that is true. A woman who draws deeply from it will have a chance at new life both in her heart and in her belly; she who rejects it will perish with her future in the cold and barren wasteland of misandry. It is her choice, of course, but as a man I’m invested in ALL mankind so I offer it to all who thirst.
It’s often forgotten that in all his revolutionary zeal, our man Ché was a family man.

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