Concerning concern trolls

You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. ~ The Original Concern Troll

You want flies, you can have them. ~ The Original MHRA

One thing we get around here is people who come in either feeling or feigning support for “the men’s movement,” but who nonetheless more closely resemble concern trolls than Men’s Human Rights Activists (MHRA). Take that back, they more closely resemble just about anything in the known universe than MHRAs.

They often hit the site in waves, and we have all been surfing around here since my post busting the National Organization for Women red-handed, dumping their public record of lobbying for government enforced gender roles.

So I figure while our movingly concerned visitors are here it would be a good time to remind them what the men’s movement, at least here, is about. I mean, seeing as most of them want to define it for us I thought it might be helpful. I know, I know, it is above and beyond on my part, but that is just the kind of guy I am. That’s how I roll.

So, what is this thing we call the Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM)? How do we measure success? What do we think is “appropriate” tone and content for our message, and why? What is it exactly that we want to do?

Well, I can best start by telling you what it is not, from my own personal point of view. It is not about passing a Violence Against Men Act or any other form of government reliance on justice and personal liberty. I, Paul Elam, am not running for office. I don’t give a fudgsicle or a rat’s ash who likes me and who doesn’t. I am not looking for a men’s rights parade on Men’s Rights Victory Day in Washington, D.C… I am not looking for mainstream “acceptance” of the idea that men are human beings. There are no plans to form a committee for research for testicular cancer or to build a men’s shelter. AVFM does not have a program to reform family courts. Of all the things I do not care about, and the list is endless, the concerns of others about how I choose to express myself is so low you could use it for a urinal target.

Oh, and by my saying I don’t care about concern trolls who identify as MHRA I mean to say that I am not invested in making it easy for morally weak group identity junkies to stand up and say they support men’s rights. You MHRAs who are running around whining about how nice and accommodating we should be are just cowards.

This movement came to be necessary because of the fortitude deficient, and it won’t be pushed forward with the burden of protecting the same.

You want to know what this movement is about? It is very, very simple in my opinion. The MHRM I envision is about one simple thing. Talking without fear or capitulation.

Seriously. That is it. It is about nothing more than people talking to each other, openly and freely, in a world that does not want them to. Neither I nor AVFM has a legislative agenda, nor any politicians to endorse, nor lobbying to accomplish because none of that is of any value in a society that still refuses to accept reality.

Sure, if you look at our mission statement you will see many items that will require political and judicial remedy to ultimately accomplish. That, however is not our job at AVFM to accomplish directly. Our job is to push society to a place that it is able to sustain a narrative change that will in turn lead to sustained problem solving.

So relax, concernees. It’s all good. We got this so you don’t have to. At least have the courtesy to think about that before you come in here with your Starbucks wisdom, spreading the word “we” like you are one of us. You’re not, but you are welcome to hang out and learn.

Meanwhile we are humming right along at a 24 karat success rate in doing everything we set out to do. And what we do is certainly worth considering, because it is as far as I am concerned a remarkable first in human history. It is a magnificent feat that I will always take pride in for myself and for the community of MHRA badasses who frequent and volunteer for this operation.

Challenging 3,000,000 years of human evolution — with both socialization and biology screaming at men to submit to gynocentrism with their heads down and mouths shut — is a hell of a thing to take on. It is like trying to scale Mount Everest barefoot and in shorts and t-shirt while chain smoking and chasing down Valium with Jack Daniels.

We are, in fact, the first movement ever to coalesce in opposition to gynocentrism – which is the root of all gender roles. All that we ever need to succeed at that is the courage to speak up about it in a world insanely hostile to our doing so.

So, what we aim to do here is talk, and to make it acceptable for men and women wherever they go to say what is on their mind and to stand behind it with agency when the world goes bonkers at them.

The rest of it, the change, will come at some point. And even if it doesn’t, we can still create a subculture of men and women who can largely insulate themselves from the insanity we call modern culture — without turning them into hermits or celibates.

We are already doing that. In fact, once again I get to blow the AVfM horn, a lot of other people are starting to do the same thing because the good people here made it possible. Indeed as we watch the gynocentrists melt down all over the world over one little old website, I would say they make the point pretty well for us. We are doing what we set out to do.

You’re welcome.

Now shut up and get out of the way.

Seriously, I want to plead with our excruciatingly concerned brothers and sisters who come here to tell us how we ought to be talking, writing, commenting, thinking, proceeding, planning, structuring, revealing and scratching our privates. Please, please, let not your hearts be troubled. It is all going to be OK.

Cultural revolutions are not products of a social popularity, business as usual ethos. Real social change is not legislated or determined by Nielson rankings. It is not approved or disapproved by the Southern Poverty Law Center. They are not fomented nor are they broken at the ballot box. And they certainly don’t hinge on your willingness to tell your parents you are an “activist,” even if you tell them you are nothing like that horrible Paul Elam.

Again, all you have to do is shut up and steer clear of the heavy lifters.

That will not mean much to most concern trolls, as most of their activism is confined to being PITAs in the comment threads at AVFM.

It will, however, ultimately affect many members of the lets-sit-down-with-feminists-and-seek-their-approval-over-latte club. As AVFM continues its commitment to, you know, saying what we think the way we want to, some of the arms-length men’s issues pundits who have settled for a pat on the head, a paycheck and gender feminism will find themselves with a few more challenges than they are used to.

Why is this? Well, because it is the natural result of actually having a movement instead of just a syndicated column and martinis with the intelligentsia.

I do get that there are some concern trolls that are very sincere. There are those who honestly believe we can overcome the human evolution that ultimately gave birth to feminism with tone policing the people trying to tackle it. I don’t understand it for the life of me, but I get that it is real.

At AVFM the only meaningful dialogue is that which we have with each other. Because when all is said and done, that dialogue is what is getting the job done.

When you think about it, it is remarkably simple if not particularly easy. Gynocentrism has been protected by a wall of human denial for countless centuries. All that was ever needed to change the status quo on male disposability was for intelligent, passionate and informed human beings who did not give a damn to step out of the shadows of fear and start talking.

If enough of that happens, it will be very much like Dorothy Gale yanking back the curtains to find the reality behind the illusion.

So, while we all here at AVFM appreciate your concerns, we won’t let you distract us from that happening.

And yes, I know, that concerns you.

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